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How We Were Finally Able to Become Parents

Once all medical attempts and testing were exhausted, we were informed that treatment was not an option. Adoption was recommended as our only choice.

Sheba News telemedicine

New Study: Telecardiac rehab can offer a viable alternative to on-site rehabilitation

The study focused on evaluating the use of telecardiac rehabilitation (tele-CR) with regard to patient adherence and clinical and physiological results.

Sheba Medical Center has implemented Augmented Reality for its staff

Special Summit of the Staff at the Josef Buchmann Gynecology and Maternity Center

120 doctors and 19 professors comprise the past and present staff – all of whom are emblematic of the clinical excellence of this hospital division.

Breast cancer awareness

Revolutionary Treatment Program for Breast Cancer

A revolutionary new IPU – integrated practice unit – for breast cancer patients was implemented in Israel for the first time at Sheba.

Men, women, and stress. What differences are there between the genders in terms of reactions to stress? Gila Brunner, provides her expert opinion.

Why do men and women react differently to stress?

Gender plays a significant role when it comes to stress management. Why do the coping skills of men and women differ?


Mindfulness – Stress Reduction Training

Mindfulness is the state of being in which we maintain awareness of our feelings, thoughts, sensations and the surrounding environment – moment by moment.

Talking to your children about healthy eating habits can be very beneficial for both parents and children as they develop into adults.

How to Speak & How Not to Speak with Children About Food

Your focus should be on teaching kids to infuse their body with nutritious foods that strengthen their bodies and minds, and help keep them healthy!

A competition at Sheba Medical Center was held to find the proper technology that will be used to monitor the deterioration rate of COVID-19 infected patients and intel advanced analytics team was selected as the winner.

New ARC Initiative in the Fight Against COVID-19

A competition to develop an innovative technology to predict the deterioration rate of coronavirus patients was held recently by the Corona Hub of Sheba’s ARC center. Intel Advanced Analytics was judged to be the winner, having developed effective models to predict the course of the disease, thereby empowering medical teams to provide life-saving treatments.

Syrian baby boy was flown to Israel for emergency heart surgery which was a succes.

Syrian Baby Recovering from the First of Three Heart Surgeries in Israel

A 10-day-old Syrian baby who underwent emergency heart surgery in Israel is currently recuperating from the first of three necessary procedures.