Allscripts and Sheba

Allscripts and Sheba Partner to Upgrade Patient Care

Working with the ARC Innovation Center, an innovative lab with advanced healthcare information technology will be opened on the hospital campus.

Prof. Bar-On, Director of the Center for Disaster Relief Medicine has received Yigal Alon Prize for the year 2020.

2020 Yigal Alon Prize Awarded to Prof. Elhanan Bar-On, Leader of Disaster Relief Worldwide

The 2020 Yigal Alon Prize for Pioneering Excellence was presented to Prof. Elhanan Bar-On, Director of the Center for Disaster Medicine and Humanitarian Response at Sheba.

Rehab services from home have been granted to the IDF veterans, prompting Sheba to initiate tele-rehab services.

IDF Veterans Request Home Rehabilitation – Sheba Expands Tele-Rehab Services

Many patients in need of rehabilitation have stopped coming to physiotherapy centers due to fear of infection with the novel coronavirus.

Exciting Collaboration news

Exciting Collaboration Formed Between Sheba and Houston Methodist – Leading Medical Centers

Sheba and Houston Methodist announced their partnership to develop innovative medical projects for the fight against COVID-19.

The latest treatment for COVID-19 involves low-dose radiation therapy and the clinical trial is being conducted at Sheba Medical Center on its effectiveness.

Radiation Being Tested at Sheba as a Way to Treat COVID-19 Patients

A Sheba clinical trial will begin shortly to test low-dose radiation therapy as a treatment for COVID-19 patients hospitalized with pneumonia and severe respiratory syndrome.

Protecting AML Patients fb

Protecting AML Patients from the Novel Coronavirus

Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is one of the most serious, complex cancers. Infection with the novel coronavirus can be deadly for AML patients.