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Cancer Types & Treatments

Cancer Types & Treatments

  • Chemotherapy Treatment

    Chemotherapy, often referred to as “chemo,” is a type of treatment for cancer that uses medication or a combination of different medications.

  • CAR T-Cell Therapy

    CAR T-cell therapy is a revolutionary type of blood cancer treatment that programs a patient’s own altered white blood cells to kill cancer cells.

  • Targeted Therapy

    Targeted therapy drugs are officially classified as biological treatment. Targeted therapy can be used alone, but it is more often used in conjunction with other cancer treatments.

  • Radiation Therapy

    Radiation therapy, also called radiotherapy or irradiation, is one of the most common approaches to cancer therapy. Over half of all people with cancer will be treated with radiation therapy.

  • Stem Cell / Bone Marrow Transplantation

    Stem cell transplants, also called bone marrow transplants, have become an important treatment to fight specific blood cancers.

  • Cancer Immunotherapy

    Immunotherapy for cancer describes a variety of treatments that utilize your body’s own immune system to combat the disease.

Our Holistic Approach

holistic approach

At Sheba, we are dedicated to providing healthcare that focuses on you – the patient. In order to design your personalized treatment program, we will consider every element of your well-being, including your physical and emotional quality of life. Our Hemato-Oncology Division performs all of the necessary diagnostic procedures and therapies under one roof, ensuring that your treatment is integrative, comfortable, and efficient. We understand that coping with cancer can be extremely challenging, and we strive to be a constant source of support for patients and their families.
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holistic approach


We take care of our patients at Sheba Medical Center from A-Z.
The International Medical Tourism Division provides support and assistance with every detail, ensuring that your entire experience at Sheba is smooth and efficient. Our staff is committed to clear communication and complete transparency about every aspect of your treatment.
As soon as the medical directors of our Hemato-Oncology Division draft your estimated treatment plan, we will provide you with an estimated cost. After you arrive at Sheba and undergo all of the necessary examinations and testing procedures, we will give you a finalized plan and price quote.


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