Astrocytomas Overview

We treat children and adolescents with astrocytomas at Sheba Medical Center in Israel. Almost half of all pediatric brain tumors are astrocytomas, and our team of doctors is highly experienced in treating this cancer. Using advanced, precise technologies, we diagnose childhood cancers precisely to design the most effective, customized treatments. Our pediatric specialists are world-renowned leaders in cancer research and treatment. We bring our unique expertise to caring for each and every child with cutting-edge, progressive therapies that are not available elsewhere.

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Our physicians use a compassionate manner and a holistic approach when treating children. Your child’s quality of life is essential to planning an efficient, integrative, and comfortable treatment program. We understand that cancer can have serious effects on the overall well-being of your child and your entire family. We offer a variety of professional support services to address your physical and psychological needs.

Brain tumors in children are the second most common tumors caused by pediatric cancers.
In the Pediatric Hemato-Oncology Division at Sheba, we diagnose a brain tumor in about 40 children each year.

Our specialists relate to each young patient with compassionate, personalized medicine. Our laboratory is a world leader in neuropathology, offering the initial pathological diagnosis, as well as highly precise, advanced molecular diagnostic testing.

We provide each child who suffers from a brain tumor with 24/7, multi-disciplinary care under the full supervision and cooperation of the Pediatric Hemato-Oncology Division. Our department also leads the Israeli affiliation to the PINOC group, a team involved in developing groundbreaking therapies for brain tumors.

A child with a brain tumor undergoes a complex set of treatments, interacting with a wide range of medical disciplines. Our goal is to provide each child and his or her family with the most professional, personalized, and helpful source of integrative care and support.

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