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COVID-19 Survivors Turn to Sheba Medical Center for Answers About Recovery

While millions of people worldwide are battling against COVID-19, fortunately, the vast majority of patients who get infected will overcome the disease and survive.

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Passive Vaccine for Covid-19 Being Made from Plasma from Patients Who Have Recovered

On April 1, the first patient who recovered from Covid-19 donated plasma at the Magen David Adom (MDA) Blood Services Center at Sheba Medical Center.

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Israeli Inventions that Reduce the Pressure of Covid-19 on Global Healthcare Systems

The current pandemic poses a variety of new challenges to all healthcare professionals and facilities, including clinicians and researchers. In response, governments, including that of Israel, have enlisted high tech companies to assist in the battle against Covid-19.

corona unit

Sheba Sets Up Emergency Ward for Covid-19 in 72 Hours

Introducing Sheba’s Critical Care Corona Unit
The head of Sheba Medical Center’s Infectious Disease unit, Professor Gili Regev-Yochay, speaks with Steve Walz, our international spokesperson, about Sheba’s new Critical Care Corona Unit (CCCU) underground complex.

Israel's Deputy Director of Sheba as well as the whole healthcare system is inspired by China's success of controlling covid-19

Israeli Expert Inspired by China’s Success in Controlling COVID-19

Approximately two months after coronavirus COVID-19 broke out in China, the country has almost succeeded in halting the epidemic.

Sheba's doctors will use the newest blood analyzer to gain results of covid-19 patients in matter of minutes

Blood Analyzer Developed by Sight Diagnostics Has Been Implemented at Sheba

A compact blood analyzer developed by an Israeli blood testing startup has been implemented to support the healthcare management of coronavirus-infected patients.

With the rise of Covid-19 infected, Sheba Medical Center prepares for the incoming battle.

With the Rise of Covid-19 Infected Patients, Sheba and Israel Prepare for the Surge

Proactive, detailed planning helped Sheba to confront the different hurdles involved in dealing with coronavirus. “We had a full drill a month before the first coronavirus patient was diagnosed in Israel,” Walz said.

Telemedicine at Sheba Medical Center has been successfully established

Telemedicine at Sheba

Sheba Medical Center pushes forward with digital healthcare, embracing telemedicine to monitor patients in quarantine and treat patients with coronavirus COVID-19 remotely.

Telemedicine at Sheba Medical Center has been successfully established

Cancer Scientist at Sheba is Awarded Israel Prize for Medical Science

Prof. Gideon Rechavi, world-renowned doctor and head of Sheba Medical Center’s Cancer Research Center, has been designated to receive the prestigious Israel Prize for Medical Science at a special ceremony to be held on April 20.

Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer – Smokers Beware of this Leading Fatal Cancer

Lung cancer is the type of cancer that leads to the highest mortality rate in men and the third highest in women.