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First Fully VR-Based Hospital Worldwide

XRHealth’s revolutionary technology will be used throughout every hospital department. Sheba, ranked by Newsweek in the Top 10 Hospitals Worldwide, is steadfastly committed to innovation in healthcare.


How to Prevent Heatstroke

People most at risk for classic heatstroke include elderly people, young children, and those who are chronically ill. Exertional heatstroke usually occurs because an athlete, laborer, soldier, or other person has pushed themselves too hard due to pressure to succeed.

ARC Innovation Center

ARC Innovation Center Inaugurated at Sheba Medical Center

There are six medical tracks, and a senior Sheba physician is at the helm of each one: telemedicine, precision medicine, digital innovation focusing on big data and artificial intelligence, virtual reality, rehabilitation, and surgical innovation.

100 car t patients in Sheba

100 Patients Treated with Innovative CAR-T Therapy

In 2016, Sheba performed revolutionary CAR-T therapy for the first time. Since then, the hospital has become a world-recognized center for cutting-edge CAR-T cell cancer treatment.

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Eating Healthy Out of the House

When you’re at home, you cook all the right meals, eat all the right snacks, and prevent yourself from getting so hungry that you slip up. But what happens when you’re out of the house?

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How Much Exercise is Too Much?

The recommended amount of physical activity for the average adult is 150 minutes a week of moderate exercise.

plant-based diet

Switching to a Plant-Based Diet

You’ve decided to go plant-based — great! There are many reasons a person may decide to make this kind of lifestyle change, but the reason is not nearly as important as what comes next.

why so hard to change

Why it’s So Hard to Change

Experiment with different things including healthy foods, experiences, and physical activities for different ways to earn immediate gratification.

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Dozens of Kurdish Children Treated in Israel

As explained by Jonathan Miles, head of the NGO, they have arranged visas and treatment at Sheba for 41 Iraqi Kurdish children, as well as three children from Syria, in the past 10 months. Additional patients are already slated to arrive.

artificial heart transplant

Riram Muzalbet Receives the Ultimate Heart-Lifting Gift

About a month ago, an advanced portable artificial heart system was brought from Germany to Israel especially for Riram. Thanks to this “heart in a suitcase,” she became mobile and was able to attend her older brother’s wedding, which was obviously a joyous highlight of the family event.