Sheba Doctors Lead Team of Surgeons

Sheba Doctors Lead Team of Surgeons to Heal Burn Scars in Haitian Children

Medical professionals from Haiti and the Dominican Republic observed the visiting surgeons and received training on how to treat pediatric burns with advanced, specialized laser surgeries.

the WINTHER trial

Sheba Surgeons Use Pioneering Canady Helios Cold Plasma Scalpel to Remove Inoperable Retroperitoneal Cancer

This innovative surgical tool was developed by US Medical Innovations, LLC (USMI), the first biomedical device company to offer cold plasma for cancer care.

preparing for coronavirus

Coronavirus Preparation: Sheba Establishes First Known Telemedicine Program

The program consists of two main components: a “robot,” which is a Vici solution designed by Intouch Health, a California-based virtual reality healthcare program, and a telemedicine application designed by Datos Health.

Research shows that kidney regeneration is now possible

Sheba Nephrologist Reveals Innovative Technology for Kidney Regeneration

The breakthrough study shows how a patient’s own stem cells can be used to replace damaged kidney tissue, rejuvenating the kidneys and improving their function. The encouraging results lead to speculation that dialysis could become unnecessary in the future.

When diagnosed with AML, support is necessary.

How Innovative CAR-T Cell Therapy Put Demetrio’s AML into Remission

About two years ago, Demetrio Demitris celebrated his 40th birthday and decided it was time to lose some weight. Before starting on a new diet regimen, he went to his physician to do some blood tests.

ivf news

IVF – A chance at becoming a parent

Irina’s husband was diagnosed with azoospermia – lack of sperm in the semen. The Russian doctors routinely informed them that having children was simply not in the cards.

Sheba News Page New 2019 31

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf Visits Sheba’s ARC Innovation Center

Two visitors from Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Wolf and Dr. Mark Tykocinski, Provost of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, came to Sheba Medical Center to tour the campus of the ARC Innovation Center.

hodgkin's lymphoma

Fighting Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – Story of Georgii

I am immensely grateful to all the people who made my treatment in Israel possible: the German charity fund, people in my home country and in Ukraine who helped raise money for my treatment and the Israeli charity fund Chance4life.

hodgkin's lymphoma

Instead of Surrendering to Melanoma, Alexander Came to Israel for Treatment

16 years ago, Alexander Bragilevsky received a devastating diagnosis of melanoma. He immediately underwent treatment in Russia, but the results were not encouraging. At a certain point, the doctors lost hope, discontinued Alexander’s treatment and left him with a prescription for strong painkillers.