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Revolutionizing Care: AIDOC’s Impact in Sheba’s Critical Treatments

Doctors looking at brain x-rays in a futuristic sci-fi way using VR headsets.
AIDOC's advanced AI technology revolutionizes emergency care and patient treatment, heralding a new age of medical innovation and critical life-saving solutions.

Following the attacks on October 7th, Sheba saw a steady flow of patients admitted into the ICU with an array of horrific injuries. An array of innovations was utilized during this time in an effort to give people a fighting chance in the face of dire adversity. 

In these challenging times, AIDOC stands out as a major contributor. Developed at Sheba, AIDOC’s systems utilize artificial intelligence for the analysis of diverse medical scans, flagging critical findings for radiologists or ER teams. As of 2024, AIDOC’s system is being utilized in more than 1,200 hospitals around the world.

AIDOC Technology: Transforming Emergency Care

On 7/10, a 23-year-old woman who was critically injured at the Nova Music Festival was admitted to Sheba. She suffered multiple gunshot wounds, including one that damaged her brain. Utilizing AIDOC’s AI technology, a brain artery bleed was quickly detected, alerting Dr. Gal Yaniv, Sheba’s Director of Endovascular Surgery, on his phone and computer.  This rapid response was vital, as timely intervention is crucial for brain injuries. 

Dr. Gal Yaniv standing in an AIDOC supported operating theater. Sheba Healthcare Center.

“Fortunately, everything was caught in time and treated properly and the young woman is now recovering from this and her other wounds in our rehabilitation center,” Dr. Gal Yaniv would later comment. 

While not all victims of that day’s violence were fortunate enough to survive, Sheba’s skilled medical team and advanced technologies like AIDOC are enhancing survival rates and long-term outcomes. AIDOC plays a crucial role in our mission to save lives and offer hope in dire situations, both in Israel and globally.

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