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Patient Process

At Sheba Medical Center, we’re dedicated to providing complete and comprehensive care to our medical tourists. We ensure that our patients are well taken care of every step of the way, from initial inquiry and all the way through follow-up after departure.

Initial Inquiry Patient Process - Sheba Medical Center

Initial Inquiry Review

Your inquiry is received and reviewed by the Global Patient Services team at Sheba.

Case Manager working on Patient Process - Sheba Medical Center

Case Manager Assignment

You are assigned a Case Manager, who will reach out and contact you.

Medical History as part of the Patient Process - Sheba Medical Center

Medical History Collection

Your Case Manager asks for your full medical history along with any relevant documents (please, pay attention that all the medical documents need to be in English; in case your documents were not issued in English, you need to translate them to English) and images that you will provide following your initial conversation.

Medical Information Transfer is a part of Patient Process - Sheba Medical Center

Medical Information Transfer

After collecting and organizing all relevant documents, your Case Manager transfers your full medical history to the Medical Supervisor.

Medical Information Review is a part of the Patient Process - Sheba Medical Center

Medical Information Transfer

The Medical Supervisor reviews adult patient cases with Prof. Nagler, Director of the Division of Hematology. Pediatric cases are reviewed by Prof. Toren, Director of the Pediatric Hemato-Oncology and BMT Department.

Treatment Plan in later stage of the Patient Process - Sheba Medical Center

Estimated Treatment Plan Draft

Prof. Nagler or Prof. Toren assess your medical history, documents, and other information, and draft an estimated treatment plan based on your specific condition.

Cost Report in the late stage of the Patient Process - Sheba Medical Center

Estimated Cost Report

Your Case Manager will then send you an assessment of your treatment plan including estimated costs.

Briefing Call Patient Process - Sheba Medical Center

Treatment Briefing Call

After receiving the assessment of the treatment plan, your Case Manager arranges a conference call with you and the Medical Supervisor, who presents your estimated treatment plan.

Signed Consent is a vital part of Patient Process - Sheba Medical Center

Signed Consent

Once you have reviewed the estimated treatment plan and costs, you are asked to provide a signed consent, a copy of your passport, and an estimated date of arrival at Sheba Medical Center.

First Installment of payment is a part of the late Patient Process - Sheba Medical Center

First Installment/Advance Payment

In some cases, payment is required before your first visit. Your Case Manager will discuss the details with you. In case you need to make an advance payment, you also will see this information and the amount in your assessment.

Appointment Scheduling Patient Process - Sheba Medical Center

Appointment Scheduling

The Secretary of Global Patient Services team schedules appointments according to the dates of your visit.

First Visit - a late stage of the Patient Process - Sheba Medical Center

First Visit Briefing

The day before your arrival at Sheba, the Patient Experience Coordinator from Global Patient Services, will contact you to inform you of the exact time of your first visit to the hospital.

Sheba logo - welcome to sheba - Patient Process - Sheba Medical Center

Welcome to Sheba

Upon arrival at the Sheba Hospitalization Tower at Sheba Medical Center, you are greeted by coordinator who guides you to our office.

Patient Process - Sheba Medical Center

Greetings and Introductions

In our office, you are introduced to your personal Hemato-Oncology Medical Coordinator who will supervise you throughout your treatment here at Sheba. Adult patients are introduced to Medical Coordinator Victoria Tsan, while pediatric patients are introduced to either Milana Tilyuk or Rimma Pustovoitovsky.

Appointments and Testing is the last part of the Patient Process - Sheba Medical Center

Appointments and Testing

According to your assessment and estimated treatment plan, you attend all necessary testing and appointments, including an examination by your hemato-oncology physician. Following the assessment, you will receive your treatment program and a final price quote.

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Sheba Medical Center provides innovative, personalized medical care to patients from around the world. We are the largest, most comprehensive hospital in the Middle East and dedicated to providing advanced and compassionate medicine for everyone. We welcome all cases, including the rarest and the most challenging. Our medical teams collaborate to provide the best possible health outcomes. From your initial inquiry through the long-term follow-up care, we are here for you.

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