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Healthy Diet and Exercise

Eating the right foods will help you to feel your best so that you can continue to push yourself to the limit during a workout or a game, and fully recover in between.


How to Prevent Heatstroke

People most at risk for classic heatstroke include elderly people, young children, and those who are chronically ill. Exertional heatstroke usually occurs because an athlete, laborer, soldier, or other person has pushed themselves too hard due to pressure to succeed.

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Eating Healthy Out of the House

When you’re at home, you cook all the right meals, eat all the right snacks, and prevent yourself from getting so hungry that you slip up. But what happens when you’re out of the house?

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How Much Exercise is Too Much?

The recommended amount of physical activity for the average adult is 150 minutes a week of moderate exercise.

plant-based diet

Switching to a Plant-Based Diet

You’ve decided to go plant-based — great! There are many reasons a person may decide to make this kind of lifestyle change, but the reason is not nearly as important as what comes next.

why so hard to change

Why it’s So Hard to Change

Experiment with different things including healthy foods, experiences, and physical activities for different ways to earn immediate gratification.

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Why Do People Buy Superfoods?

Superfoods alone won’t boost your health, but when eaten as part of a healthy, balanced diet, they are ideal natural health supplements.

Get Walking

Get Walking for Your Health

Daily walks help to burn excess calories, support heart health, and strengthen the lungs. Ideally, you should be walking at a brisk pace, completing about 3 miles per hour.

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Snoring – More than Just a Noisy Habit

In 75% of all snorers, the sleep disorder is associated with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), which is a cessation of breathing. OSA can lead to many serious health conditions.