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General Health Articles

Tips for Better Health

Three Tips for Better Health From Sheba’s Experts

Cook at Home The first step to taking control of your eating habits is simple: prepare your own food. Cooking at home not only gives…
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intimacy during family vacation

How Can You Make Sexuality a Part of Your Family Vacation?

Open any tourist guidebook for families, and you’ll see loads of recommendations for vacation destinations packed with entertainment for adults and children to enjoy together.…
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child nutrition

Sheba Kids

Now that the school year is underway, the topic of food has been put “on the table.” Are you unsure on how to restore order and nutrition to school meals?
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childhood obesity

Childhood Obesity – On the Rise

How can parents help treat kids who are overweight? Did you know current statistics place the incidence of child obesity in Israel as the highest…
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How to deal with Golden Ages - Rusty Sexuality

Your Age May Be Golden – But Sexuality is Rusting

Tips for maintaining sexual health at any age. By Gila Brunner, Sex Therapist, Center for Sexual Medicine at Sheba Medical Center.
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Reverse sleep cycle

SHEBA KIDS – Reverse Sleep Cycle During Vacation Time

Dr. Amir Sheinberg, Director of the Pediatrics Unit at the Sleep Institute at Sheba Medical Center, answers what’s on the minds of many parents.
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Menu for Physical Activity

How Should I Adapt My Menu for Physical Activity and Sports?

Say goodbye to processed foods, and reach for nutritious whole foods instead. Your body needs nutrients for energy and to help build muscle.
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preparation for school year


To help you keep your kids entertained, we’ve attached some fun ideas for activities and games. Every week, “Sheba Kids” releases a column and activities.
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Gila Brunner answers how to improve sexual performance

How Can I Improve Sexual Performance?

Are you dissatisfied with your sexual function? Do you experience pain during sex, rapid ejaculation, or suffer from a lack of desire?
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