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The Gynecologic Cancer Department

About The Gynecology Oncology Department In Sheba

Sheba Medical Center has a consistent commitment to women’s health. In fact, it is one of our highest priorities. As such, we take a professional and integrative approach to gynecologic cancer treatment, providing world-class medicine with a personal touch. We achieve this goal by retaining top global gynecological cancer experts, performing constant research in the field of women’s cancer, and offering state of the art facilities for our patients afflicted with female urogenital cancers.

As part of our philosophy of tailor-made medicine, our physicians and staff in The Gynecologic Cancer Department work hand in hand with their colleagues in other departments – such as Surgery, Pathology, and Oncology – to deliver personalized treatment to each one of our patients. This is true for all of our patients, whether they are from Israel or abroad through our Global Patient Services Division.



We recognize that we cannot provide outstanding, complete care to our patients without outstanding staff. That is one reason why we have many of the top women’s healthcare providers in the world. Everyone at Sheba Medical Center, from our directors to our nursing staff, is absolutely dedicated to eradicating cancer and giving our patients the best possible care.

The Josef Buchmann Gynecology And Maternity Center

Embodying Sheba Medical Center’s commitment to women’s health is the Josef Buchmann Gynecology and Maternity Center, a very large facility with about 17,500 inpatient admissions and 56,000 outpatient visits each year. The Center boasts a complement of 80 physicians and dozens of medical students, both Israeli and American, from Sackler Medical School.

The resources at the Buchmann Center are all patient-centered and truly cutting edge. These include a dedicated emergency department, operating theaters, advanced imaging equipment such as ultrasound, research facilities, a High-Risk Pregnancies Department, a delivery ward, fetal loss clinic, postmenopausal clinic, and an infertility unit. Of course, several specialized cancer units are present, including urogenital cancer, urogynecology, and both basic and clinical-level gynecologic cancer research.


Dr. Jacob Korach

The Director of Sheba’s Gynecology Oncology department.
r. Korach has graduated from the Sackler School of Medicine, TAU, then completed his specialization in OB/GYN at the Sheba Medical Center and a Fellowship in Gynecology Oncology at Beth Israel Hospital in NY. Dr. Korach specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of uterine, ovarian, cervical, vaginal, and vulvar cancers.
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Eyal Sivan

Prof. Eyal Sivan

The director of The Josef Buchmann Gynecology and Maternity Center.
Prof. Sivan specialized in maternal and fetal medicine and high-risk pregnancy at the Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, USA. In his previous positions he served as Deputy Director of theGynecology and Maternity Center and Director of the Obstetric Ward at Sheba (including the delivery rooms, the unit for high-risk pregnancy and the maternity ward).
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Cancer Types Treated

In the Gynecologic Cancer Department at Sheba Medical Center, we provide world class treatment for:

Cancer Treatments Available

Sheba Medical Center offers the latest in high-tech, holistic treatment for dozens of different cancer types, and our Gynecologic Cancer Department is no exception. Below are some of the treatment types we provide, including ongoing gynecologic cancer research:

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