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Cancer Treatment in Israel at Sheba’s Jusidman Oncology Hospital

About The Jusidman Oncology Hospital

The Jusidman Oncology Hospital at Sheba Medical Center is not only part of the largest hospital in Israel but is the absolute leader in cancer treatment in Israel.

We take a truly comprehensive approach in our fight against cancer, putting our patients first and providing for not only their medical requirements, but for their psychological, social, and palliative needs with our many support services.

Cancer Center

Our 360 Degree Approach

Our guiding principles encompass total care for each and every one of our patients. This means that we provide only expert, professional, and compassionate treatment for our patients and their families. Our Tal Center for Integrative Medicine reflects this commitment as the first facility in the country to offer a truly holistic approach to cancer treatment in Israel. While all of our therapies are rooted in scientifically verified facts, we have made available complementary treatments in addition to the latest, cutting-edge Western medicine.

These complementary treatments include physiotherapy, support from nutritionists, as well as professional and caring nursing staff. Psychological services are also provided as we understand that state of mind and mental health has a profound impact on physical health.

For our patients, cancer is not a sentence or fate. We firmly believe that, with integrative medicine combining the latest in technology and medical research with compassion and experience, our patients can combat even the most serious diagnosis and enjoy a good quality of life.

Other important aspects of our philosophy of cancer treatment include:

Multifaceted Therapy

Research has shown that oftentimes a single treatment type does not give as good an outcome as multiple forms of therapy. Our use of combined therapeutic techniques has been recognized for excellent results with a low number of side effects.

Personalized And Precise Therapy

Each patient is unique and everyone has a different situation. We take into account every factor of your case, including your age, genetic makeup, cancer type and location, disease progression, family history, current state of health, and past medical history.

Constant Research And Improvement

At Sheba Medical Center, we do not rest on our laurels. We are absolutely dedicated to continued research in the quest to improve current therapies and discover new ones.

Compassion And Kindness

We recognize and understand that having a cancer diagnosis is an incredibly difficult situation, not only for our patients but for their loved ones as well. We are devoted to delivering the highest standards of care in a compassionate environment and to providing for the needs of both our patients and their families. Our interactions with our patients will always be professional, polite, and caring.


Our stellar staff is a critical facet of our total commitment to our patients. All of our physicians are experts in their field and have specialized training and experience in treating specific cancer types. We are proud to have many of the most experienced doctors and surgeons in Israel, and we always take a multidisciplinary approach to patient care. Teamwork and collaboration are crucial as we make accurate diagnoses and form personalized treatment plans consisting of immunotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy.


The Jusidman Oncology Hospital is headed by Raanan Berger, MD, PhD. Prof. Berger earned both his MD and PhD at the Sackler School of Medicine in Israel, a partnership between the United States and Israel. He underwent clinical training in Medical Oncology and Radiotherapy at Sheba Medical Center and completed his postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School.

Raanan Berger

Raanan Berger, MD, PhD

Prof. Berger’s special focus is on genitourinary cancers, and he has co-authored 20 articles in peer-reviewed publications. He serves as Senior Oncologist and Radiotherapist and is also in charge of the Riva Koschitzky Oncology Clinical Research Institute facility at Sheba.
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Sheba Medical Center is very much a research hospital and recruits the top minds from across the globe to continually engage in the very latest oncological research. Collaboration with the best cancer centers worldwide further contributes to our groundbreaking research and ever-increasing knowledge.

An accurate diagnosis is imperative for the most effective cancer treatment. Patients at Sheba have access to cutting edge laboratory tests, diagnostic imaging, and other examination techniques. In concert with staff at the top of their fields, these tools provide the most definitive cancer diagnoses available.

Cancer Types Treated

The Jusidman Oncology Hospital at Sheba Medical Center provides cancer treatment Israel for the following types of cancer:

Why Choose Sheba for Cancer Treatment in Israel?

  • Overall treatment of 50,000 cancer patients every year.
  • Of those, 4,500 are new patients.
  • About 35,000 patients each year are treated on an outpatient basis.
  • About 37,000 patients are seen in our interdisciplinary oncology clinics every year.
  • Our inpatient Oncology Department has 30 beds.
  • Each year 2,000 new patients are treated in our Radiation Therapy Department.
  • We provide brachytherapy, a form of internal radiation therapy, to 270 patients annually.
  • We offer compassionate and effective palliative treatment.
  • We possess the latest in modern research laboratories.

MD Anderson Cancer Center Partnership

In furthering our goal of providing the absolute best in cancer treatment and research, Sheba Medical Center is proud to have become a MD Anderson Sister Institution in 2010. MD Anderson at the University of Texas is a leading cancer institution and was rated as the best cancer treatment center in the United States for 12 of the past 15 years by US News & World Report.

As sister institutions, Sheba and MD Anderson continue to engage in close collaboration in all aspects of oncological treatment. These aspects include education, training, development, quality assurance, nursing, research, technical support staff training, and faculty exchanges. This collaboration is completely under the auspices of Global Academic Programs, a project of MD Anderson dedicated to building a worldwide network of top cancer centers in order to effectively address and eliminate the global problem of cancer. All of the efforts and energies of Global Academic Programs are focused only on cancer diagnosis, treatment, and research.

Because of this relationship, patients afflicted with cancer have the chance to receive treatment from the absolute top cancer institutions across the globe.

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