Osteosarcoma Overview

Osteosarcoma is a relatively uncommon bone cancer, and treatment can be complex. It is therefore imperative to choose a medical facility that is experienced with treating osteosarcoma in children. At Sheba Medical Center in Israel, our multidisciplinary doctors offer progressive therapies and techniques against this cancer. We have a premier team of pediatric oncologists, orthopedic surgeons, radiation oncologists, and other specialists who have undergone training at internationally renowned cancer centers. Our physicians use frontline expertise to custom-tailor every child’s treatment program.

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Holistic healthcare is a foundation of cancer treatment at Sheba, especially when caring for our young patients. We make personalized medical decisions that consider the individual child’s comfort and overall well-being. Our compassionate team believes in open communication between the doctors, child, and family, so that you know what to expect throughout every step of your child’s treatment.

Recently, diagnosis and treatment has progressed to combine testing in the field of molecular biology along with conventional methods. At Sheba, we use these advanced tests to aid in both diagnosing the disease and directing the drug therapies so they are custom tailored for each individual patient – and for each stage of the disease.

Molecular biology testing includes methods such as:

  • FISH
  • PCR
  • Next generation sequencing, such as gene panel sequencing (DNA and RNA), mutation profile characterization, methylation profile and response markers for immunotherapies.

Altogether, our approach is one of precision medicine (also called personalized medicine), based on a deep understanding of the biological responses underlying the disease. We interpret all test results cautiously and stringently in order to enable a highly informed selection of innovative treatments.

Our Hemato-Oncology Division is characterized by a specialized interest in applying precision medicine for bone and soft tissue sarcomas. As a rule, we strive to customize the most effective treatment program for each individual patient.

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