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Navigating IVF Treatment at Sheba: Hailey’s Journey to Motherhood

A pregnant woman smiling while talking to obstetricians and gynecologists at a maternity center.
Hailey's pursuit of motherhood took her from Canada to Sheba, where she found remarkable care and an enduring connection.

Navigating complex and uncertain emotions is a common experience for individuals undergoing IVF treatment. Hailey, a determined woman with a desire to embrace motherhood, embarked on a transformative journey that ultimately led her to Sheba. 

After initially completing IVF treatments in her home country of Canada, the complicated process began to take a toll on her financially and mentally. In Canada, the costs of IVF procedures are covered to a certain extent. This made the process of receiving multiple IVF cycles in Canada appear daunting. 

Hailey’s Life-Altering Decision

While searching for alternatives, Hailey heard of the services provided by Sheba. Their reputation as one of the world’s leading medical centers and its pioneering role in IVF since the 1980s made it a compelling choice. Hailey decided to reach out to Sheba through a contact form on the website, although she had some doubts if anyone would even respond.

To her surprise, she received a swift response from Joseph, her dedicated point of contact at Sheba. The superior prices, the flexibility in terms of multiple IVF cycles and the fact that she would be abroad all resonated with her. Early morning treatments in Canada added a lot of stress to her daily routine. The idea of getting to explore and discover a new environment between treatments sounded like it would ease the situation.  

However, before Hailey’s journey to Sheba even began, the October 7th attacks broke out, raising very valid doubts about proceeding with her plans. Hailey expressed concerns about the situation in Israel, but Joseph’s unwavering confidence and reassurances convinced her that Sheba was committed to her care. Being Jewish, her desire to get IVF treatments at Sheba were coupled with a need to contribute to the local community during these challenging times. 

The day before Hailey’s scheduled flight to Israel, Joseph introduced her to Sofia Sosner-Arav, one of Sheba’s dedicated medical coordinators. Her responsiveness and support were immediately put into action upon arrival. Her remarkable problem-solving skills became evident as she addressed some dire scheduling challenges, ensuring prompt appointments with specialists. Sofia’s exceptional support and tireless efforts played a pivotal role in Hailey’s positive experience throughout her stay at Sheba

Going Beyond: Sheba’s Dedicated Medical Professionals

Even when warning sirens echoed across the area, Sofia’s dedication to Hailey’s care was relentless. The dedicated coordinator went out of her way in a moment of panic to see that Hailey was safely in a shelter. 

The medical team, led by the Director of the Department of Internal Medicine D, Dr. Avshalom Leibovitch, and the Director of Sheba’s Sperm Bank, Dr. Micha Baum, demonstrated that same unwavering commitment. They recommended a fresh transfer instead of freezing embryos, explaining their rationale and ensuring Hailey understood the reasoning behind their decisions.

The doctors went above and beyond to accommodate Hailey’s needs, even apologizing for any potential delays in their schedules. Dr. Baum, a renowned specialist, took the time to coordinate important work related to genetic testing, emphasizing its significance.

Throughout her experience, Hailey felt genuinely cared for, as the medical staff filled in any gaps in her understanding, providing her with a sense of security and confidence in the treatment process. Their warmth, professionalism and dedication ensured that she received top-quality care during her IVF journey at Sheba.

Hailey flew back to Canada after her treatments, with Sheba looking more like a home than a medical center. To her, Sheba will always be associated with comfort and fond memories. The exceptional care and warmth she received from the medical staff transformed a daunting experience into a comforting and supportive journey towards fulfilling her dream of becoming a mother. As for a future in Israel, Hailey’s experiences at Sheba have left a profound impact on her to the point that she is considering making Aliyah, a process of immigrating to Israel often driven by religious or cultural reasons.

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