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Breast Cancer Treatment

Sheba Medical Center Israel Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast cancer is the most frequently occurring cancer among women in the United States. As with many types of cancer, early detection of breast cancer is crucial to a favorable treatment outcome. That is one reason why we at Sheba Medical Cancer Center use state of the art imaging and other diagnostic techniques to find and classify breast cancer before it can spread. We make the latest in mammography tools available to our patients as part of our breast cancer treatments.

The most common type of breast cancer is ductal carcinoma, which begins in the milk ducts. Lobular carcinomas, which start in the gland tissue, are the second most frequently seen. Although many breast cancers are first discovered as a lump in the breast, not all breast lumps are cancerous. Both frequent self-examination and regular mammograms are vital to the early discovery of breast lumps.

At Sheba Medical Cancer Center, we understand that a diagnosis of breast cancer can be devastating for both our patients and their families. We are dedicated to comprehensive, holistic care for our patients and their families so that they have the support they need during this difficult time. Our multidisciplinary team provides excellent physical, social, and psychological care in our quest to give world class medicine with a personal touch.

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Breast Cancer Risk Factors

There are many factors that can affect the chances of developing breast cancer, including having children and early puberty or late menopause. Some of these risks include:

Female Gender

Although men can certainly develop breast cancer, the vast majority of breast cancer cases are seen in women.

Personal Breast Cancer History

Women who have previously had breast cancer have a larger risk of developing cancer again in the same breast.


Breast cancer can affect women of any age, but is much more frequently seen in women over age 55.

Breast Condition

Individuals with dense breast tissue or certain conditions, like fibrocystic breasts, are more prone to breast cancer.

The Meirav Breast Center – For Breast Cancer Treatment In Israel

The Meirav Breast Cancer Center at Sheba Medical Cancer Center sees over 4000 breast cancer patient every year and treats more diagnoses of breast cancer than any other facility in Israel. We provide a truly comprehensive program, starting with advanced early detection. We also have the latest surgical treatments available, including techniques designed to improve the patient’s quality of life. These include skin-sparing mastectomy and lymph node biopsies that leave as many lymph nodes intact as possible.

In addition to conventional mammography, the Meirav Breast Center possesses advanced breast imaging devices. We utilize CT scans as well as a dedicated breast MRI for our patients. Additionally, ultrasound of the breast is frequently used to localize tumors and important structures. In fact, the Merirav Breast Center has three of the most up to date ultrasound units.

Promising research on breast cancer treatment and prevention is continuously being conducted. This includes focused ultrasound (FUS), a therapeutic technique that uses ultrasound waves to heat breast tumors. This destroys the tumors while sparing normal tissue.

Breast Cancer Treatment In Israel

Precise staging and pathologic analysis is critical in the treatment of breast cancer in Israel. The tumor may be surgically biopsied along with nearby lymph nodes, called sentinel lymph nodes. This is done for histologic and genetic analysis as well as to ascertain whether or not the cancer has spread.

Treatment options for breast cancer include surgery, conventional chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, and targeted chemotherapy, in which specialized drugs are used to kill the cancer while sparing normal cells. Hormone therapy is used to treat hormone receptor-positive breast cancer by lowering estrogen levels or preventing estrogen from stimulating cancer cells. At Sheba Medical Cancer Center, our medical oncologists, surgeons, and radiation oncologists work in tandem to develop the best treatment plan.

Our Staff

Dov Zippel
Dov Zippel, MD
Graduated Medical Studies at Tel Aviv University in 1993. Completed residency at Sheba Medical Center, at the Department for General Surgery (C).
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Miri Sklair-Levy
Miri Sklair-Levy, MD
An expert in breast imaging and radiology. She is the director of the breast imaging unit and a senior lecturer.
Opher Globus
Opher Globus, MD
Consultant Oncologist- Department of Oncology, Sheba Medical Center
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Tal Shapira
Tal Shapira-Rotenberg, MD
Specializing in breast cancer treatment, Dr. Tal Shapira-Rotenberg is an attending physician at Sheba’s Jusidman Oncology Hospital, and has also served as a medical advisor to Sheba’s Global Patient Services since 2020.
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