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A New MRI Device Offers Improved Breast Cancer Diagnosis

With VIDA, Sheba offers earlier and more accurate detection of breast cancer
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EBMT 50th Anniversary: Prof. Arnon Nagler Shares Expertise

Prof. Nagler attended the EBMT's 50th meeting, discussing bone marrow transplantation, donor selection, and treatment optimization in a series of interviews.
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A Heartfelt Journey: Baby Marios’s Triumph Over Adversity

Six-month-old Marios Fesas, born in Cyprus, embarked on a harrowing journey when diagnosed with a critical heart defect just days after birth. With unwavering hope, his parents, Eirini and Kyriakos, sought treatment at Safra Children’s Hospital in Israel, where a team of dedicated professionals awaited them. “When we arrived at Sheba hospital, we were desperate […]
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Designing for Wellness: Place2Heal’s Vision for Pediatric Care

At Sheba’s Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital, comforting and preparing young patients for medical procedures remains integral to their care. The formidable nature of MRI and CT machines often instill fear in children, given their inability to fully comprehend the experience. Despite the groundbreaking imaging capabilities of these machines, their noisy operation can be […]
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Sheba’s Legacy of Hope: Alexandra’s Remarkable Road to Wellness

Last month, a celebratory atmosphere filled the halls of the Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital at Sheba. The occasion marked a significant milestone in the medical journey of 9-year-old Alexandra Opoku. After bravely enduring a challenging battle with cancer spanning nearly three years, she successfully completed her treatment and has been cleared for discharge. […]
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Kerry’s Fight Against Skin Cancer at Sheba

Looking back at 2020, 55-year-old Kerry Louise Matthews was in love with her life. Despite the pandemic, the UK native had just started on a new career path as a civil servant, she was in a beautiful relationship and felt excited about her future. However, there was one concern. She had a tiny cut on […]
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Sheba Ranked Among the Top 10 Hospitals in the World by Newsweek

We are pleased to announce that for the sixth consecutive year, Sheba has been recognized as one of the best hospitals in the world by Newsweek and Statista Inc., the world-leading statistics portal and industry ranking provider, coming in at No. 9. The credibility for such an astounding bestowment cannot be attributed to any single […]
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