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A New MRI Device Offers Improved Breast Cancer Diagnosis

With VIDA, Sheba offers earlier and more accurate detection of breast cancer
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Elisheva Fisher: Nurturing Hope and Strength at Sheba’s Safra Children’s Hospital

Elisheva navigates her responsibilities with a profound sense of purpose, creating an environment where medical care is interwoven with emotional support. Her presence is a reassuring constant in a world of uncertainty, where she not only administers treatment, but also instills a sense of hope and togetherness among her young patients and their families. The […]
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An Inspirational Model for Pediatric Psychiatric Care in Israel and Beyond

In an era where mental health has earned critical attention, finding compassionate and effective treatment for pediatric psychiatric concerns has become an objective for many families worldwide. Recognizing a need, Sheba has embarked on a pioneering journey to transform pediatric psychiatric care and unveiled a groundbreaking program on October 5th, which is a testament to […]
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Daphna Hutt's Story

Saving Lives One Transplant at a Time – Daphna Hutt’s Story

“Being passionate and dedicated to what you’re doing is the best thing you can do for your patients and their families. That’s obvious to me. I don’t see any other way that I could do it.” At Sheba, the focus is always on the patient, but today, we would like to turn the spotlight to […]
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Netanella's Journey at Sheba Medical Center

Hearts Healed, Lives Touched: Netanella’s Journey at Sheba

“I hope you all remain healthy and never require medical attention, but if you do, I think Sheba is the place for treatment.” Professional caregivers face many challenges, dedicating themselves to ensuring every patient is taken care of, cared for and feels safe. Today, we would like to pay tribute to one of them: Netanella. […]
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Giving New Hope to Patients: Support Beyond Borders

I want people to know that they can come here and really feel comfortable. In terms of the level of medicine, this is a reliable place. You can say that this is a warm house where you will be heard and helped. We have it all here at Sheba Medical Center. Coming to another country […]
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Guiding Patients Through Their Journeys: Compassion Across Borders

“Life is wonderful. You shouldn’t give up even in the most difficult situations. Come here and we will help you. A positive attitude is very important and looking only forward is very important.” While nursing is not an easy profession, it’s undoubtedly rewarding. Vika is a nurse who has been working for Sheba since she […]
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