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Breakthrough Hemophilia Treatment by Prof. Gili Kenet Empowers Boy’s Dream

Doctor analyzing hemophilia blood with a microscope. The focus of the shot is on the blood.
Prof. Gili Kenet's pioneering research brings optimism to Hemophilia B patients through weekly tissue factor pathway inhibitor therapy.

Prof. Gili Kenet, a renowned pediatric hematologist at Sheba’s National Hemophilia Center and an esteemed professor at the Sackler School of Medicine, unveiled a groundbreaking advancement in the treatment of hemophilia—a complex congenital bleeding disorder stemming from inadequate coagulation factors. Traditionally, patients with hemophilia B endure frequent prophylactic treatments. However, Prof. Kenet’s recent study introduces a pioneering approach, rebalancing the entire coagulation cascade and administering a tissue factor pathway inhibitor subcutaneously once weekly.

Hemophilia B Patient Realizes Lifelong Dream

This method yielded significantly superior outcomes compared to conventional replacement therapies. Notably, a young hemophilia B patient, whose lifelong dream was to play soccer despite the health risks posed by his condition, became a remarkable testament to the efficacy of this treatment. Shortly after receiving the innovative therapy, the boy’s father shared a photo of his son fulfilling this dream on the soccer field. 

Commendations are extended to Prof. Gili Kenet’s dedicated team, including Dr. Tami Barazani Brutman, PhD, Head of the Clinical Studies Team at the National Hemophilia Center and Thrombosis Institute, for their indispensable contributions to this transformative study.

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