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Caregivers stories

Daphna Hutt's Story

Saving Lives One Transplant at a Time – Daphna Hutt’s Story

“Being passionate and dedicated to what you're doing is the best thing you can do for your patients and their families. That's obvious to me.…
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Netanella's Journey at Sheba Medical Center

Hearts Healed, Lives Touched: Netanella’s Journey at Sheba

“I hope you all remain healthy and never require medical attention, but if you do, I think Sheba is the place for treatment.” Professional caregivers…
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Giving New Hope to Patients: Support Beyond Borders

I want people to know that they can come here and really feel comfortable. In terms of the level of medicine, this is a reliable…
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Guiding Patients Through Their Journeys: Compassion Across Borders

“Life is wonderful. You shouldn’t give up even in the most difficult situations. Come here and we will help you. A positive attitude is very…
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Universal Bonds: Touching Lives Across Continents

“Patients who come to us are in a very difficult period in their lives. They want to live, and if I can help them, that…
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Silent Heroes: Milana’s Story of Care and Hope

“I would like to tell people that they are in safe hands, that they have someone to turn to. The main thing is for them…
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Hope and Healing: Rima’s Mission at Sheba

“After many years in healthcare, seeing patients smile and go home healthy and happy motivates me to keep working hard.” Choosing what you want to…
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