New Tech Testing

New Tech Testing Can Sniff Out the Scent of Coronavirus

Nanoscent, an Israeli startup, has started a trial with Sheba to help detect the novel coronavirus using an innovative 30-second screening device.

maternal bonding is essential, though currently impossible for covid-19 infected mothers

8 Joyous, Healthy Births, Yet COVID-19 Complicates Maternal Bonding

Eight babies have already been born at Sheba’s dedicated maternity ward for COVID-19 patients, the first of its kind in Israel.

Research Studies on COVID 19

Sheba Teams with America’s NIH in Research Studies on COVID-19

Israel has joined forces with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the medical research agency of the US, to find treatments to fight the novel coronavirus.

Israeli Healthcare System

Israeli Healthcare System Stands Strong Against the Challenge of COVID-19

When news of the first patients diagnosed with the coronavirus started to trickle into Israel, many severe restrictions were introduced.

two sheba doctors received prestigious awards in Israel for their scientific contributions

Two Sheba Doctors Receive Honorary Awards

Prof. Gidi Rechavi and Prof. Galia Rahav, both world-renowned scientific experts in their fields, were recently presented with prestigious awards in Israel.

A psychiatric unit at Sheba Medical Center dedicated to treat psychiatric patients affected by covid-19

World’s First Psychiatric Unit for COVID-19 Patients

Many psychiatric patients have difficulty following social distancing and other rules implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Project Breath of Air news

Project Breath of Air: IDF’s Military Intelligence Teams with Sheba to Develop a New Way to Make Ventilators

The central objective of Project Breath of Air is to ensure that no patients anywhere are left without ventilators due to a shortage.

Bereavement Unit news

COVID-19 Bereavement Unit Built at Sheba for Families to Say Their Final Goodbyes

The new isolated bereavement unit enables family members to express farewell to their loved ones and experience an essential part of the mourning process.

Voice Signal Analysis will help physicians to find incoming risks of congestive hf patients and drastically decrease the mortality rate.

Voice Signal Analysis Can Help Detect Highest Risk Patients with Congestive HF

Voice signal analysis was done on a large group of patients with chronic health conditions registered to a telemedicine call center at Sheba Medical Center.

With the help of Mossad agents, Israel's chances of fighting covid-19 increased

Mossad Agents Help to Strengthen Israel’s Fight Against COVID-19

The Mossad, Israel’s legendary intelligence agency, has been essential in acquiring medical equipment and manufacturing technology from overseas, according to reports by the country’s medical and security officials.