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Giving New Hope to Patients: Support Beyond Borders

I want people to know that they can come here and really feel comfortable. In terms of the level of medicine, this is a reliable place. You can say that this is a warm house where you will be heard and helped. We have it all here at Sheba Medical Center.

Coming to another country for treatment can be challenging in many ways, which is why we here at Sheba hire people who will help patients every step of the way. One of those people is Vera.

Vera is a coordinator at Sheba’s Global Patients Services and she has been working for us since 1998, but has been in her current position since 2011. She is in a position to help a lot of people in difficult situations, and she is proud to bring hope to those who lost it.

“I see what kind of people come here. Sometimes they don’t have confidence that we can help them with their medical condition because from where they come, they have already been diagnosed at an advanced stage. Over time, when they see the results we are getting, we reach the best outcome, I am very happy about it. And that’s why we are here helping people with their health so that everyone feels good. I enjoy giving people that confidence that they didn’t have at the beginning.”

In her position, Vera helps people who go through a lot, but she has first-hand experience in helping those who need her from a very young age.

“This is probably a habit from home because I have a disabled sister, and from a young age my mom and I have all taken care of her, and it probably comes from the family, from home. This is a desire to help. It’s a desire to be close to a person who needs help in difficult moments, and that’s why it probably all comes from there.”

Vera’s patients are eternally grateful to her and her kind approach. The words of praise and gratitude from her patients never fail to bring a smile to her face.

“It’s all very touching. When patients write like this, it really touches my soul, and I feel that I really helped them. I understand how important it is to help people, especially our visitors, who are far away from home and battling such serious illnesses.”

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