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Hope and Healing: Rima’s Mission at Sheba

“After many years in healthcare, seeing patients smile and go home healthy and happy motivates me to keep working hard.”

Choosing what you want to do with your life is a big decision, and at Sheba, we are proud to have a staff of dedicated professionals committed to spending their time caring for others. One of those individuals is Rima.

As a Global Patient Services medical coordinator and social worker, Rima has worked at Sheba for almost 15 years, primarily caring for pediatric cancer patients. Speaking about the nature of her job, Rima shared that coming to work every day and seeing children struggling with life-threatening diseases is “very difficult,” but added, “Our job, or the most important part of it, is giving them hope. Seeing them recover and go home to their families makes me feel proud; proud that using advanced care, we can cure them and give them back their lives.”

Working with patients from around the world, Rima says she is deeply sympathetic to the hardships experienced by families of many young patients, who must balance their work, responsibilities for other family members, and taking care of a child who is experiencing a difficult ordeal. “That’s where we come in – providing support, hope, and guiding them through the entire process.”

Recognizing the difficulties and dilemmas facing many who consider treatment abroad, the people she supports on a daily basis, Rima explained: “I understand your concerns and pain. The decision to seek treatment overseas can be tough. I feel privileged to stand beside our patients and help them through this process.”

Thank you, Rima!

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