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Sheba’s Secret to Success: An Interview with the Director of Cardiology, Dr. Amit Segev

Dr. Amit Segev talks about the the success of Sheba Medical Center in Israel.
In an article published by the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), Sheba’s accomplishments were put in the spotlight during an interview with our Director of Cardiology, Dr. Amit Segev. Throughout the interview, Dr. Segev discussed several factors that led Sheba to be ranked among Newsweek’s best hospitals worldwide for five consecutive years, including its focus on transforming healthcare and its patient-centric approach.

Choosing to open the interview on a more personal note, Dr. Amit Segev expressed his pride in leading Sheba’s Heart and Vascular Center – the largest department of its kind in Israel, which is renowned for its ability to accurately diagnose and effectively treat an extensive range of conditions, providing exceptional care by “putting patients at the center of everything we do and treating them holistically with multidisciplinary teams.” According to Dr. Segev, this approach, implemented throughout the medical center’s departments, has led Sheba to be ranked first in the Israeli Ministry of Health’s patient satisfaction survey, “a considerable achievement for a hospital of its size. At Sheba, we recognize that patient care is not just about choosing the best treatment or measuring endpoints such as mortality or recurring condition, but about improving outcomes such as quality of life, function, and mental status.”

Of course, personalized care can extend beyond clinical aspects, and Dr. Segev was pleased to highlight Sheba’s experience in tailoring treatment for heterogeneous populations as its medical teams continue to treat international patients with diverse medical conditions, including ones that many doctors would typically find difficult to manage.

This is helped by Sheba’s ongoing efforts to improve patient care through research and technological innovation, which culminated in the establishment of “our Accelerate, Redesign, Collaborate (ARC) Innovation Center to develop breakthrough solutions and collaborate with leading health tech companies with the aim of transforming healthcare.”

Concluding the interview, Dr. Segev explained that while the cornerstone of Sheba’s success lies in maintaining cutting-edge infrastructure and adhering to the highest clinical standards, the medical center is already working to ensure it will remain a leader in care, driving a transformation from the traditional hospital models to becoming a ‘City of Health’ – promoting health before, during and after hospitalization as well as leveraging advanced technologies and cross-sector collaborations to reshaping the future of healthcare for the benefit of patients worldwide.

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