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ARC – The Center for Digital Innovation at Sheba Medical Center


The ARC Center (Accelerate, Redesign, Collaborate) for Digital Innovation at Sheba Medical Center in Israel brings together all the players in digital medicine – physicians, researchers, startups, industry leaders, academia, investors, and top-tier medical centers for the goal of redesigning healthcare. The driving mission behind ARC Center is to improve patient care, using innovation to provide real value to patients.

ARC Center is located on the vast campus of Sheba Medical Center, an environment permeated by creativity, collaboration, and groundbreaking innovation. Sheba has been a paperless, digital hospital since 2004, and the ARC startups have direct access to both the data and medical teams at Sheba, as well as the opportunity to pilot and apply their technologies within the hospital.

In addition to incubating outside startups, ARC releases internally developed technology. The program runs approximately 20 to 30 startups each year and operates a large digital health innovation fund in conjunction with TriVentures, a Herzliya-based venture capital firm. ARC’s model of sustainable innovation has been so successful that it has already been exported to other countries, such as ARC Ottawa in Ontario, Canada.

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ARC – The Center for Digital Innovation

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