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A Heartfelt Journey: Baby Marios’s Triumph Over Adversity

Born in Cyprus with a critical heart defect, baby Marios Fesas underwent two complex surgeries at Sheba Medical Center. After six months, his parents, Eirini and Kyriakos, are hopeful for his future.

Six-month-old Marios Fesas, born in Cyprus, embarked on a harrowing journey when diagnosed with a critical heart defect just days after birth. With unwavering hope, his parents, Eirini and Kyriakos, sought treatment at Safra Children’s Hospital in Israel, where a team of dedicated professionals awaited them.

“When we arrived at Sheba hospital, we were desperate due to the circumstances and the condition of our son. We knew the situation was difficult but we were not prepared at all for what would come”.

Dr. Evyatar Hubara, a specialist in pediatric cardiac care, recounts Marios’s journey with compassion and expertise. After initially being stabilized in Cyprus, Marius faced unexpected setbacks, leading to emergency airlifts back to Safra Children’s Hospital for life-saving surgeries.

Despite the risks, Marius underwent two delicate procedures to repair his pulmonary arteries, ensuring proper blood flow to his heart and lungs. Each step of the way, the medical team at Safra Children’s Hospital provided expert care and unwavering support, guiding Marios and his family through the most challenging moments.

Marios’s road to recovery has been marked by resilience and determination. From days spent on life support to small victories like communicating and feeding independently, his progress is nothing short of miraculous. Through it all, his parents have remained steadfast in their gratitude, recognizing the extraordinary efforts of the medical team.

Beyond medical intervention, the Safra Children’s Hospital team went above and beyond to support Marios and his family emotionally. A heartfelt gesture—a family picnic by the lake—provided a much-needed respite from the stress of the hospital environment, instilling hope and optimism for the future.

As Marios continues his journey towards full health, his story serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and the importance of compassionate care. In the words of his mother, Eirini:

“We are grateful for the accurate judgments and the medical procedures that were carried out, as well as the personal and sensitive attitude towards us throughout. Our son has made great progress and thanks to them we are full of hope about his health’s future.”

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