Cervical Cancer Treatment
in Israel

Sheba Medical Center takes a progressive and integrative approach to cervical cancer treatment in Israel. Our attentive Gynecologic Cancer Department specialists are leaders in their fields, and we use the latest high-tech imaging devices and equipment to provide cutting-edge, personalized care. Altogether, this is the basis of our high rates of success.

Treatments for
Cervical Cancer

At Sheba, we provide tailor-made medicine. Treatments involve comprehensive teamwork and consultations between various departments. Therapies include:

  • Conventional chemotherapy
  • Targeted chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Brachytherapy, using advanced 3D imaging equipment
  • Surgery, including the latest minimally invasive approaches
  • Laser therapy

Special Technologies
at Sheba


Brachytherapy is an ultra-precise way of irradiating cancer cells, maximizing the effect of the radiation while minimizing the damage to other healthy cells. This therapy is regarded as a highly successful treatment for low to high risk cervical cancer. Although it is not a new treatment, Sheba is one of only a few clinics worldwide to offer a specialized operating room with 3D imaging equipment and cutting-edge brachytherapy.

Our Specialists

Dr. Jacob Korach, MD

Dr. Jacob Korach, MD

Deputy Director of the Gynecologic Oncology Department at the Josef Buchmann Gynecology and Maternity Center

Dr. Korach specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of uterine, ovarian, cervical, vaginal, and vulvar cancers. He is also a lecturer at the Sackler School of Medicine.

Dr. Shira Felder, MD

Dr. Shira Felder, MD

Dr. Felder is a well-known specialist in all forms of brachytherapy for gynecologic tumors, including intra-cavitary, intravaginal and interstitial brachytherapy. She is also actively involved in research focusing on improving outcomes and toxicity of treatments for patients with gynecologic tumors.

Professor Gilad Ben Baruch, MD

Professor Gilad Ben Baruch, MD

Dr. Baruch is a leading specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Sheba Medical Center.

of Cervical Cancer Treatment

in Israel

Commitment to Women’s Health
top-tier global gynecological cancer experts who are engaged in frontline research
Breakthrough Therapies
access to ground-breaking research and innovative care
Total Treatment
all diagnoses and required treatments are given within one medical facility
Advanced Diagnostics
technologies are cutting-edge, such as the latest biopsy techniques for pathological diagnosis of gynecological cancer
Individualized Approach
we customize your care, with compassion for each patient’s unique condition and needs
Fertility Preservation
precise treatment from experts, such as egg-freezing technology
Efficient & Helpful
a dedicated coordinator from Global patient services will assist with all arrangements, including travel, accommodations, and communication in your language
Sheba – Ranked in the

Top Ten Best Hospitals Worldwide

Sheba Medical Center sets the standard for excellence in patient-focused care. Recently, Newsweek included Sheba on their prestigious list of the Top Ten Best Hospitals Worldwide. This endorsement recognizes Sheba as a leading force in medical science and biotechnological innovation – maximizing the latest technologies while always providing holistic, outstanding healthcare. Sheba is strongly committed to delivering personalized, expert medicine to everyone from all over the world.

The 10 Best Hospitals in the World

Patient Testimonial

Meet Natalia

After cervical cancer treatments in Moscow failed, Natalia turned to Sheba Medical Center to save her life. At her consultation in Israel, surgery was recommended. Despite Natalia’s fear and reservations, eventually she agreed. “There was only one way out – an operation,” Natalia says. “Decisions were done promptly and professionally. People working in the clinic are very sensitive and caring.”

After a lengthy rehabilitation, Natalia’s life was restored. With tremendous gratitude to the whole supportive team, she shares, “I would always recommend Sheba Medical Center for its professionalism and modern, advanced treatments.”

Care for
the Whole Patient

We are proud to offer a holistic approach that reflects a unique combination of compassion and medical expertise. The treatment of cancer complications to increase quality of life is an essential part of our goal. At Sheba, therapies include access to all support services, such as social services, psychology, and palliative care. In addition, our Tal Center for Integrative Medicine provides beneficial complementary medicine founded on clinical scientific research.

Sheba Medical Center
Tailor-made medicine

If you or your loved one has cervical cancer, Sheba offers progressive tailor-made treatments. To find out how our world-renowned cancer experts can help you, contact Sheba Medical Center.
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Sheba Medical Center provides innovative, personalized medical care to patients from around the world. We are the largest, most comprehensive hospital in the Middle East and dedicated to providing advanced and compassionate medicine for everyone.

We welcome all cases, including the rarest and the most challenging. Our medical teams collaborate to provide the best possible health outcomes. From your initial inquiry through the long-term follow-up care, we are here for you.

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