Laparoscopic Surgery in Pregnant Women

Laparoscopic Surgery in Pregnant Women

Laparoscopic surgery at Sheba presents an opportunity for pregnant patients to receive a needed operation with minimal risk, discomfort, and scarring.

Bubble Kids-at Sheba-a-Success Story

Two Years of Screening for “Bubble Kids” at Sheba- A Success Story

After two years of conducting newborn screening for severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) at Sheba Medical Center, results show that every SCID baby born in Israel was identified by the screening and diagnosed.

Ivan Egorov - Recovery from Leukemia at Sheba

When All Else Has Failed: Ivan Egorov’s Recovery from Leukemia at Sheba

Yulia Egorova came to Sheba Medical Center from Nizhegorodskaya Oblast, Russia, to seek treatment for her son, Ivan, who was diagnosed with leukemia. Read about her son Ivan’s battle against cancer and road to recovery at Sheba Medical Center.

Newfound Hope with CAR-T Treatment - Mylène Heartwarming Story

Newfound Hope with CAR-T Treatment – Mylène’s Heartwarming Story

Swiss girl Mylène was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Read about Mylene’s road to recovery with CAR-T therapy at Sheba Medical Center.

Alina Bogdanova's Road to Recovery from Acoustic Neuroma

Alina Bogdanova’s Road to Recovery from Acoustic Neuroma

I learned about my illness and my diagnosis quite by accident, when on the recommendation of a neurologist I underwent a head MRI. So, on May 8, 2014, after a second MRI scan of the brain, I was diagnosed with Acoustic Neuroma.

Sheba Specialists Saved a Fetus Suffering from Hemophilia with Anemia - featured

A Worldwide First: Sheba Specialists Saved a Fetus Suffering from Hemophilia with Anemia

A unique and rare medical procedure was performed at the Unit for Fetal Medicine at Sheba Medical Center. Doctors administered an intrauterine blood transfusion to a fetus diagnosed with two disorders that had combined to cause a rare phenomenon. The fetus was diagnosed with hemophilia and his mother also developed antibodies that destroyed his blood cells.

Dima Ashepkov - Leukemia Treatment at Sheba Medical Center

Dima Ashepkov’s Heart-warming Battle Against Leukemia

In February 2012, a family from Chelyabinsk, Russia faced a critical situation. Their 11-month old son, Dima, was seriously ill. Read about his touching recovery story and battle against leukemia.

Life-Saving Treatment at Sheba - Menucha's Story

Life-Saving Treatment at Sheba – Menucha’s Touching Story

Menucha from Burlington, Vermont in the US, was just 21 years old when she was involved in a serious car accident. She was spending time in the Ukraine working at a summer day camp. Her car was hit during a trip with her friends. Read about her road to recovery.

Congenital Heart Disease - Tristan's Fight

Tristan’s Fight Against Congenital Heart Disease

Tristan is a very lively, active 4-year-old, running around the lobby of The Edmond J. Safra International Congenital Heart Center, climbing the play area equipment, and interacting with the other kids waiting for their appointment. Every few minutes he runs over to hug his father, Mark, smiling and bouncing.