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A New MRI Device Offers Improved Breast Cancer Diagnosis

With VIDA, Sheba offers earlier and more accurate detection of breast cancer
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Sheba Shines in Forbes Israel’s 2024 Best Doctors List

Forbes Israel’s 2024 list includes 186 specialties and subspecialties, featuring 1,386 doctors from medical centers, institutions, and hospitals across the country. Sheba Medical Center leads in nearly 50% of these categories. The ranking, based on clinical excellence, research contributions, and patient care, confirms Sheba’s leadership in fields such as cardiology, oncology, neurology, and pediatrics.  Innovation, […]
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Tristan with Dr. David Mishali

A Heart Like No Other: Tristan’s Ten Year Triumph with Sheba

It was ten years ago when a tiny heartbeat held a massive secret. Tristan, a lively little boy, was born with congenital heart disease and given only minutes to live. Thanks to Sheba, those few minutes turned into a decade of a vibrant life.
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RWJBarnabas Health and ARC Innovation Collaborate on HealthSpace2030

Last week, ARC Innovation announced a new partnership with RWJBarnabas Health. They will act as an anchoring partner for its innovation hub, HealthSpace2030, a Jersey City-based SciTech Scity. RWJBarnabas Health will join as a founding member of the project, becoming the first design partner for the $450 million, 30-acre health innovation hub, a digital innovation […]
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Science Dose: Connectomes and AI in Neuroimaging

In the latest installment of Science Dose, Sheba’s Head of the Diagnostic Neuroimaging Laboratory, Dr. Abigail Livny Ezer, delves into the intricacies of neuropathologies and the brain’s remarkable ability to adapt in response to acute or chronic conditions. She primarily focuses on the connectome, a unique “fingerprint” of the brain, created using advanced MRI techniques […]
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Science Dose: Understanding Stem Cells with Professor Dekel

In this installment of Science Dose, Prof. Benjamin Dekel, Chief of Pediatric Nephrology and Director of the Pediatric Stem Cell Research Institute, demystifies stem cells. He talks about what makes undifferentiated stem cells unique and explores the different types, including totipotent, pluripotent, multipotent and unipotent cells. He also delves into the groundbreaking potential of stem […]
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Science Dose: The Role of Bivalent Vaccines in Combating COVID-19 Variants

It was only four years ago that humanity collectively faced the COVID-19 global pandemic that turned our way of life upside down on a scale unlike anything we had experienced in the last century. There were a number of practices and precautions that allowed us to return to our natural order. Vaccines may have been […]
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