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Sheba Treats a Palestinian Toddler with Innovative, Life-saving Skin Treatment

A ravaging house fire left 18-month old Shams Ismail in critical condition, with burns on over 50% of her small body. She was rushed to the National Burn Unit at Sheba Medical Center, where top experts saved her life.

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Sheba Tops the Forbes 2019 List of the Best Doctors in Israel

For the past six years, Forbes has compiled an annual list of the best doctors in Israel. Medical professionals from across Israel are asked to recommend physicians from other medical institutions and specializations, and once again, Sheba’s doctors compose a long list of specialists at the top.

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Joint study with Sheba and U.S. researchers: Link discovered between food preservative and rising rates of obesity and diabetes

In a groundbreaking joint study, Sheba researchers and U.S. scientists from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, uncovered a connection between propionate, a chemical preservative commonly used in food, and the increased worldwide rates of obesity and diabetes. The results of the study were published recently in the Science Translational Medical Journal.

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The Story of Our Son Stepan – How Israeli Doctors Defeated Retinoblastoma

When our twins were born on October 16, 2012, we could not even imagine the troubles we were going to face. Our son Stepan and daughter Lera were born strong and healthy. We were discharged home after six days, full of joy and without any signs of trouble.

Sheba researcher reveals the link between obesity and Alzheimer’s disease

World-recognized Sheba researcher reveals results of revolutionary research on the link between obesity and Alzheimer’s disease

Prof. Michal Beeri, internationally renowned researcher at Sheba Medical Center, recently shared the breakthrough results of a study that links obesity with Alzheimer’s disease.

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5th Annual Meeting: Sheba and Mayo Clinic Collaborate

Doctors from Sheba Medical Center and Mayo Clinic Medical Center in Minnesota, US, recently convened in Israel. The March 2019 conference is the fifth time that these premier, world-renowned healthcare centers joined together to fortify and advance their cooperative ventures in research, technological innovation, and clinical practice. The focus of this meeting was to discuss the newest issues in the fields of cardiology and nephrology.

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Fighting Malignant Meningioma – Makpal’s Inspiring Story

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Makpal and I am from Kazakhstan. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2008, in a clinic in Almaty, Kazakhstan. We had to choose between Germany, Turkey and Israel for treatment. Based on the recommendation of our relative, who had undergone treatment at Sheba Medical Center, to arrange all treatment details with the International Medical Tourism Division – we decided to go to Israel.

Sheba Medical Center and Swiss-based Lonza Pharma collaborate to enhance patient access to CAR T-cell immunotherapy

Sheba Medical Center and Swiss-based Lonza Pharma collaborate to enhance patient access to CAR T-cell immunotherapy

Sheba Medical Center and Swiss-based CDMO Lonza Pharma recently announced a new collaborative venture to use the cutting-edge CocoonTM manufacturing platform to develop point-of-care CAR T-cell therapy. This joint project aims to streamline the in-house cell manufacturing process, thereby enabling a greater amount of critically ill oncology patients to access genetically engineered human CAR T-cells more efficiently.

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Heart of Innovation in the Start-up Nation

Ingenuity, innovation, and humanitarian purpose formed the early foundations of Sheba Medical Center, and these principles remain the driving force of this premier hospital.

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Hemato-Oncology Department at Sheba Medical Center – Anna’s Unique Story

Anna was diagnosed with large B-cell lymphoma in the fall of 2016. Her diagnosis was complicated as she was in her 30th week of pregnancy. The doctors weren’t impressed with her test results long before the final diagnosis, and when the diagnosis was made it came as a great shock to Anna.