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“Divas of Sheba” Visit Tel HaShomer Hospital for the First Time

From May 30 to June 5, the inaugural “Divas of Sheba” Women’s Mission to Israel provided 21 women from all over North America with a stimulating opportunity to explore and support Sheba Medical Center and the country.

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Results of Two Sheba Studies Spark New Hope for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Over 10 years ago, Dr. Gabis founded the Keshet Center, one of the largest autism centers in the world. This state-of-the-art facility follows a personalized, family-centric approach to early diagnosis, intervention, and research of autism-related disorders.

Sheba Medical Center

City of Health: Sheba Executives Reveal the Secrets of Their Award-winning Healthcare

Sheba Medical Center, the largest, most advanced hospital facility in the Middle East, takes pride in being recognized worldwide as a leading force in medicine.

Prof. Yitshak Kreiss accepts the JCI accreditation report from Ms. Diane M. Sanders

Sheba, one of Newsweek’s “10 Best Hospitals in the World,” is awarded the prestigious JCI “Gold Standard” international certificate

JCI review explores the total effectiveness of patient safety and healthcare quality. During their appraisal of Sheba, every aspect of how the medical center functions was scrutinized against the demanding JCI criteria, which include more than 1170 measurable factors.

Hemato-Oncology Sheba

Sheba Launches New Minisite: Hemato-Oncology Division

The Hemato-Oncology Division comprises world-renowned physicians and clinicians who apply the latest cutting-edge approaches to diagnosing and treating blood cancers. As the largest hospital in the region, Sheba treats a wide range of conditions and offers personalized treatments that are unavailable elsewhere.

aplastic anemia treatment in Israel

Fighting Aplastic Anemia – AM’s story

AM was diagnosed with aplastic anemia in January 2018. Her erythrocyte, thrombocyte and neutrophil counts were extremely low. The six months of treatment she had in her country did not bring any results.

Prolonging colon cancer patients life expectancy

Life expectancy of colorectal cancer patients

Prof. Dan Aderka, Head of the Gastrointestinal Cancer Service at Sheba, recently conducted research that brought an end to a long-standing controversy over the treatment regimen for Colorectal Cancer (CRC) patients. The study discovered that various combinations of chemotherapy and biological medicine directly affected the life expectancy of CRC patients, depending on the specific type of tumor.

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Promising Results of a Pilot Trial at Sheba to Test New Palliative Care Techniques

A clinical trial to test a new palliative care technique for patients with upper abdominal cancer is underway at Sheba Medical Center – and the significant results are encouraging.

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New Drug Treatment for Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer

Dr. Golan’s research offers new hope for patients worldwide with pancreatic cancer, particularly pancreatic adenocarcinoma harboring BRCA mutations. The results showed that patients who received the POLO treatment did significantly better overall than those who did not receive the drug.

Hemophilia Gene Therapy

Revolutionary Gene Therapy at Sheba: Coming Closer to a Cure for Hemophilia

Researchers at Sheba Medical Center are advancing rapidly towards a cure for hemophilia, a bleeding disorder that prevents normal blood clotting. At present, more than 400,000 individuals suffer from hemophilia around the globe.