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Sheba’s ARC Launches An Early-Stage HealthTech Fund

ARC Innovation Launches A New Healthtech Fund

The ARC Innovation Ecosystem was established in 2019 and has since then emerged as a  global leader in healthcare transformation through the implementation of its innovation model in hospitals around the world. With a focus on precision medicine, extended reality, artificial intelligence, medical devices, and remote care, ARC has made significant strides globally. 

Recently, ARC has launched Shoni Health Ventures, a new healthtech VC fund that will invest in early-stage (pre-seed and seed stage) digital health and medical device startups.  Led by Eran Lerer, Shoni Health Ventures will offer essential support and resources to entrepreneurs as they build and grow their ventures. 

“Many healthtech startups around the world are struggling to attract early-stage investors. Consequently, many potential innovative solutions that could significantly improve global health remain unrealized,” said Eran Lerer, CEO & Managing Partner of Shoni Health Ventures. “We aim to bridge this gap, supporting healthtech startups in bringing their innovative solutions to market and making a global impact.”

Despite only being in operation for a short time, Shoni has already made strategic investments in several up-and-coming healthtech start-ups, including: Quant Health, AISAP, CoPilotMD, FeelBetter, and Append Medical.

Shoni Health’s startups will gain access to Sheba’s extensive 25-year medical database and the opportunity to consult with the medical center’s world-renowned doctors. They will also benefit from ARC’s global network. 

“The digital health sector has seen considerable growth in recent years, and even with the recent slowing of the market, we believe that digital transformation is the only way forward in the long run,” said Prof. Eyal Zimlichman, Chief Transformation and Innovation Officer at Sheba Medical Center as well as Director and Founder of ARC Innovation. “With the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, bio-convergence, and other technologies, we are just beginning to see the impact of digital and smart solutions on the future of health, and we look forward to working alongside Shoni Health Ventures.” 

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