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Improving Ocular Oncology in Africa – ISOO’s Vision And Sheba’s Mission

In line with our creed, ‘Hope Without Boundaries,’ Sheba had the privilege of supporting African patients and medical professionals for several decades, whether in the face of disaster or under routine circumstances.

Accordingly, we are pleased to share that Sheba has recently supported the organization and launch of the first International Society of Ocular Oncology (ISOO) conference in Africa.

Taking place in Mombasa, Kenya, from August 21st-23rd, the event was created to tackle the most pressing ocular oncology challenges facing the African continent, with a particular emphasis on retinoblastoma and conjunctival tumor care. Bringing together the world’s premier ocular oncology experts, the ISOO Africa conference served as an ideal forum to explore solutions and advance care equity.

Serving both as ISOO Africa’s President and a senior physician at Sheba, Prof. Ido Didi Fabian initiated the event and welcomed all of the guests with a heartfelt address. Following Prof. Fabian’s remarks, the Head of Sheba Global, Yoel Har-Even, greeted participants in a video address, highlighting Sheba’s commitment to improving global healthcare standards.

A large delegation represented Sheba at the event, including the Director of Global Patient Services, Vered Cohen-Herszaft, who arrived to explore collaborations that could help Sheba advance care in Africa. Sheba’s Dr. Mattan Arazi and Dr. Vicktoria Vishnevskia-Dai were also in attendance and lectured about treatment-responsive retinoblastoma complicated by vitreous hemorrhage and intra-arterial chemotherapy, respectively.

However, the event wasn’t just focused on professional aspects. On the second day of the conference, a gala event was hosted, during which attendees had the chance to enjoy traditional African food, dance to live music, and connect with one another on a more personal level.

More than 200 distinguished medical professionals from 50 countries participated in the highly successful event, and we look forward to witnessing its impact on ocular oncology care in Africa. We thank the ISOO and all parties involved in organizing this important event for their efforts and look forward to continuing to advance care in Africa by empowering local clinicians and supporting care efforts.

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