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UAE Health

The latest step in the collaboration between Sheba and UAE health authorities

Sheba’s Prof. Dudkiewicz visited UAE hospitals to share his unique know-how.
Bringing People Together Through Medicine

Bringing People Together Through Medicine

The Ambassadors of Peace Program at Sheba Medical Center: “A Shining Light of Cooperation.” Click Here to Learn More.
the use of Augmented Reality at Sheba Medical Center

Wearable Augmented Reality Technology Used at Sheba for Teaching Medical Staff

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Sheba has been implementing Microsoft’s HoloLens headset technology to help train workers to operate ventilators.
patient room of the future

Introducing the Patient Room of the Future

At a recent online event, Sheba unveiled innovative plans for how a hospital room and ICU unit will appear and function in the future.

Sheba Scientists Discover Link Between Floristry and Relief from Fibromyalgia

The researchers found that after finishing the therapeutic floristry classes and continuing their exposure to floral design at home, patients reported significant improvements in their symptoms.

What are my options for lodging during my treatment at Sheba?

If you would like to stay on-site at Sheba Medical Center, we have two hotels on the medical campus. You can choose any of the hotels despite their “specialization”: Sheba Baby Hotel – located inside Sheba Medical Center, which is within walking distance from Global Patient Services office. The hotel provides a comfortable, supportive environment […]
Dikembe Mutombo visited Sheba Medical Center

NBA All-Star Dikembe Mutombo Visits Sheba to Jumpstart Collaboration with the Republic of Congo

NBA all-star legend Dikembe Mutombo recently travelled to Israel to meet with international medical experts at Sheba Medical Center. The goal of Mutombo’s visit was to discuss a possible 2019 collaboration between Sheba and the Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Yitshak Kreiss named as the 5h most influential person in Israel

Prof. Yitshak Kreiss, Director General of Sheba, Named 5th Most Influential Person in Israel

Israel is a world-recognized leader in medical cannabis research, analyzing the properties of the main psychoactive and non-psychoactive compounds of the plant. Because Israel is one of the few countries in the world to approve research studies on cannabis regularly, the Israeli Ministry of Health founded OWC Pharmaceuticals Research Corp. in 2014 to run the clinical trials.
patients are satisfied with the medical and nursing staff

90% of Sheba patients are satisfied with the medical and nursing staff

90.3% of the patients in Sheba are very satisfied with the medical staff, and 87.8% of the patients are very satisfied with the nursing staff. This is according to a telephone satisfaction survey conducted by Sheba Medical Center among 4,000 patients.