What are my options for lodging during my treatment at Sheba?

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If you would like to stay on-site at Sheba Medical Center, we have three hotels on the medical campus. You can choose any of the three hotels despite their “specialization”:

  1. Apropo Hotel – located opposite the main entrance of the hospital; this hotel is close to the International Medical Tourism Division. Apropo Hotel is the ideal solution for accommodations without medical supervision before and after surgery at Sheba Medical Center. The hotel’s rooms are elegant and well-equipped for short- or long-term stays, with breakfast included and a nearby shopping center and restaurant. Apropo Hotel is the most convenient solution for families. It is near the outpatient clinics and many other departments. It is also part of a greater shopping center, with restaurants, a pharmacy, a supermarket and other stores.
  2. Shilev Hotel – an innovative facility providing private or semi-private hotel accommodations for outpatients of the Sheba Rehabilitation Hospital, as well as patients who have undergone open-heart surgery. Family and friends can visit with hotel guests in the hotel’s luxurious lobby, with its calm and pleasant atmosphere. The Shilev Hotel is located near the Rehabilitation Center, making it very convenient for patients undergoing orthopedic treatment.
  3. Sheba Baby Hotel – located inside Sheba Medical Center, which is within walking distance from the International Medical Tourism Division office. The hotel provides a comfortable, supportive environment for patients of the International Medical Tourism Division, as well as for brand new mothers and their babies. Hotel services include a 24-hour concierge to assist you with your every need. Guests of the Sheba Baby Hotel enjoy the spacious and comfortable rooms and the cafeteria, which features a rich and nutritious menu prepared by a Sheba dietitian. Family and friends can visit with hotel guests in the lobby, in a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

All the hotels on the Sheba campus can be reserved with the help of our administrator Kety. She can be reached by phone at +972-52-6667068 or by email at Kety.Gurevitch@sheba.health.gov.il. Kety is available by phone Sun-Thu 07:00-20:00 only.

Alternatively, if you do not want to stay on campus, you can stay in any nearby hotel in the Ramat Gan and greater Tel Aviv-Yafo area. These neighborhoods are popular tourist cities, with many shopping centers, cultural attractions, and entertainment venues. They are also located conveniently for travelling to your tests and examinations at Sheba.

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