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Darina's Journey

Walking again: Young Darina’s Inspiring Journey

On March 30th, Darina was staying at her grandmother’s house with her mother, Natasha, in a small northern Ukrainian town when an explosion suddenly shook the building.  Natasha recalls watching her daughter unable to get up with severely injured legs. While neighbors rushed to offer assistance and called for help, an ambulance could not reach […]
Matvii's recovery at Sheba Medical Center in Israel after escaping the war-torn Ukraine

Hope Without Boundaries for the People of War-Torn Ukraine: 11-Year-Old Matvii’s Story

It was on March 10th when 11-year-old Matvii and his mother were evacuated from Bucha, in war-torn Ukraine, to Chernivtsi. Unfortunately, the war followed them to Chernivtsi. While running for shelter following a raid siren, Matvii’s leg was severely injured as a result of glass shards. Matvii lost significant amounts of blood due to his […]
The Story of One Fateful Day and Seven People’s Struggle to Rebuild Their Lives

The Story of One Fateful Day and Seven People’s Struggle to Rebuild Their Lives

During the afternoon of March 7th, 2021, a series of explosions rocked Bata, the largest city in Equatorial Guinea. With over 600 injured, the local hospitals were overwhelmed.
New Israeli Ventilation System

Revolutionary New Israeli Ventilation System

With COVID-19 patient numbers on the rise around the world, medical facilities are on the brink of being overwhelmed due to a shortage of ventilation machines and the highly trained staff required to monitor patients connected to them. A groundbreaking innovation, developed by Yehonatan Medical in collaboration with Prof. Ori Efrati, Director of the Pediatric […]
arm amputation accident changed Libby's perspective

How a Kiteboard Accident Almost Cost Libby an Arm Amputation

“Today, I celebrate my birth anew,” said Libby. “It is one year since I underwent a life-saving surgery at the vascular department at Sheba Medical Center.
therapy dog

Man’s Best Friend Helps Injured Soldier Heal

In December 2018, Netanel Felber was injured in a terror attack and suffered a critical head injury. After being in a coma for months, he was transferred to Sheba Medical Center for intensive rehabilitation. Against all odds, he began to recover. Last May, he underwent brain surgery and had a brief setback, but since then […]
Apex National Investment

Sheba and UAE’s APEX Partner to Form Hub for Healthcare Innovation in Gulf

Following the signing by APEX National Investment and Sheba Medical Center of a joint directive to accelerate healthcare innovation in the UAE, a range of new and exciting healthcare solutions are expected to be promoted in the region. “We believe that the agreement between APEX National Investment and Sheba will change the dynamics of healthcare […]
the best doctors in israel

Sheba Heads the 2020 Forbes List of the Best Doctors in Israel

For the last seven years, Forbes has annually listed the best doctors in Israel based on recommendations from medical professionals from across the country.
automated mega lab at Sheba

Sheba Opens “Mega Lab” – An Innovative Automated Lab to Improve Patient Care

Sheba opens the revolutionary Mega Lab, an innovative laboratory with automated systems to reduce human error and upgrade patient care.