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Sheba Partners with XRHealth Technology to Become the First Fully VR-Based Hospital Worldwide

VR-Based Hospital Worldwide
Sheba leads the way in digital healthcare, incorporating innovative virtual reality platforms throughout all hospital divisions.

Sheba Medical Center recently partnered with XRHealth (formerly known as VRHealth) to form the first fully VR-based hospital. XRHealth’s revolutionary technology will be used throughout every hospital department. Sheba, ranked by Newsweek in the Top 10 Hospitals Worldwide, is steadfastly committed to innovation in healthcare.

“With XRHealth, Sheba Medical Center believes we will be able to provide improved training for our facility, along with better and more personalized care for our patients,” said Professor Amitai Ziv, Director of Sheba’s Rehabilitation Hospital.

Sheba’s ARC Innovation Center (Accelerate, Redesign, Collaborate) is a powerful example of how the hospital embodies Israel’s startup culture. ARC focuses on collaborating with progressive partners to inspire innovation and invest in digital health. This project with XRHealth will apply their VR platform for personalized physical therapy, pain relief, cognitive therapy, and other healthcare operations. Consequently, the union with XRHealth, leader in therapeutic applications of extended reality, marks a huge step towards Sheba’s goal to transform the hospital entirely to a premier digital health center.

The VRHealth Platform is XRHealth’s flagship product. It provides healthcare facilities with a range of VR medical apps – such as for motor function, pain management, behavioral conditions, and cognitive evaluation and training. The platform enables medical professionals to analyze patient data in real-time, tracking their recovery both remotely and on-site.

Founded in 2016, XRHealth has already teamed with several US hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and healthcare providers. Eran Orr, CEO of XRHealth, shares his excitement about the significance of their recent partnership with Sheba, “It is monumental in both the medical and technology industries that Sheba Medical Center has become the first fully-VR based hospital,” he says. “Sheba Medical Center is leading the transformation that the medical industry is now undergoing, moving to a vision of innovation that will ultimately drive more innovation.”

VR-Based Hospital Worldwide

Dr. Eyal Zimlichman, Sheba’s Chief Medical and Chief Innovation Officer elaborates, “We’ve identified medical virtualization as one of the technologies that will transform healthcare. Within this realm, we aim to be a leader in developing new health services based on VR.”


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