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Israel’s Health Ministry Reports: Sheba Leads the Way in All Healthcare Quality Indicators

Healthcare Quality Indicators
With perfect marks in all 13 quality indicators, Israel’s Health Ministry recognized Sheba’s medical excellence

Each year, Israel’s Health Ministry publishes an extensive report detailing the national healthcare quality indicators that the country’s medical centers should aspire to meet, and how they performed during the previous year. The indicators were created to set high standards for patient care, and evaluate, among other important factors, the treatment of cardiovascular events and stroke, as well as triage duration.

We are delighted to announce that in the recently published 2021 report, Sheba Medical Center achieved a perfect score of 100% in each of the 13 healthcare quality indicators – surpassing all other Israeli medical centers and hospitals.

“Securing the first spot in the national healthcare quality report is an achievement that belongs to all of Sheba’s devoted caregivers,” remarked Sheba Director General Prof. Yitshak Kreiss. “This latest recognition is another indication of our caregivers’ excellence, a virtue that propelled Sheba to the forefront of national and international healthcare.”

In a separate section, the report also evaluated the performance of Israeli psychiatric facilities. We are pleased to add that Sheba’s Psychiatric Division met 99.2% of the relevant standards, making it the best-performing psychiatric institution in the nation.

According to Sheba’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Yuval Levi: “Sheba invests extensive resources to provide our patients with quality care while safeguarding their wellbeing and dignity. The results are evident in the Health Ministry’s report, which signifies our efforts bore fruit. I’d like to thank all Sheba caregivers for working day and night to ensure our patients receive the best care possible.”

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