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Hope Without Boundaries for the People of War-Torn Ukraine: 11-Year-Old Matvii’s Story

Matvii's recovery at Sheba Medical Center in Israel after escaping the war-torn Ukraine
After her son injured his leg while running to shelter, Oksana feared he would never be able to walk again. With Sheba’s help, Matvii can finally resume his everyday life.
Matvii with his mother, Oksana at Sheba Medical Center after escaping war-torn Ukraine.

It was on March 10th when 11-year-old Matvii and his mother were evacuated from Bucha, in war-torn Ukraine, to Chernivtsi.

Unfortunately, the war followed them to Chernivtsi. While running for shelter following a raid siren, Matvii’s leg was severely injured as a result of glass shards.

Matvii lost significant amounts of blood due to his injuries, but luckily, Ukrainian doctors arrived in time to save his life. After undergoing several emergency surgeries, doctors managed to restore blood circulation, but for Matvii to walk again, extensive, expert rehabilitation was needed.

“I realized that a quality follow-up was critical for Matvii: to help him recover as well as ensure all the procedures were performed properly and that corrective surgery is not needed,” explained his mother, Oksana.

In her quest to locate the best place for Matvii’s rehabilitation, Oksana learned about Sheba’s Shining Star field hospital in Mostyska and contacted the hospital for assistance. After examining his condition, “Shining Star” field hospital personnel decided sending Matevi to receive expert care back at Sheba Medical Center was the best option.

“We flew to Israel through Warsaw,” recalled Oksana. “Right after we landed in Ben Gurion Airport, we were escorted to Sheba, where my son finally started a lengthy rehabilitation process. Three months have passed since, and my son can now walk again!”
Traumatized by his harrowing experience, Matvii had difficulty speaking and eating upon arrival to Sheba. We are delighted to report that he has since regained his formal cheery disposition and healthy appetite: putting his mother’s mind at ease.

Describing her experience at Sheba, Oksana added: ”The entire staff was very kind to us, and we are more than grateful to each and every one of them, especially Dr. Janna Landa, who was attentive and caring, Dr. Assaf Barg, and Milana Tilyuk, our medical coordinator, who became my friend and supported us all the way. Though I had doubts about taking my son to Israel, I now know it was the best thing I could have done for him.”

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