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Sheba Partners with Rhino Health: Advancing AI, Protecting Privacy

Sheba Partners with Rhino Health

Sheba’s ARC Innovation Center and Rhino Health, developer of a federated computing platform for privacy-preserving artificial intelligence applications, announced a strategic partnership designed to accelerate the development and implementation of AI technologies while safeguarding data privacy.

Recognizing the technologies’ potential, the ARC Innovation Center already operates a dedicated AI hub where numerous AI solutions have been developed, some of which are already being used at the medical center. Among the notable applications of AI innovations in healthcare is in decision-support systems, but there are still a lot of possibilities in this field.

One of the formidable challenges encountered in the development of healthcare AI technologies is the need for extensive and varied data sets. These comprehensive data sets are crucial for ensuring that AI models are generalizable and effective across diverse patient populations. Rhino Health’s platform excels in this regard, not only performing data consolidation and analysis but also managing the training, validation, and post-deployment performance monitoring of AI models, all while maintaining the utmost data security behind dedicated firewalls. This unique capability enables ARC to engage in flexible data collaborations without compromising data ownership or privacy.

According to Ittai Dayan, Co-Founder and CEO of Rhino Health, “We are honored to work with the highly respected team at Sheba’s ARC Innovation Center. Sheba has created an incredible ecosystem for innovation and exemplifies Rhino Health’s global network of forward-thinking institutions.”

By empowering AI innovation, Sheba hopes to facilitate the creation of novel solutions designed to enhance the quality of patient care and outcomes, in line with our ongoing commitment to advancing healthcare across the globe.

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