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Recent Advances in Cancer Treatment 2021 Online Event

react 2021
In a unique online event, dubbed “React 2021”, medical professionals from dozens of countries gathered to hear about the latest developments in cancer care from Sheba experts

Every day, doctors from around the world contact Sheba’s physicians to consult about complex patient cases. This trend intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic, whose repercussions and restrictions many still experience to this day.

At the height of the pandemic, borders were not only closed for tourists, but also for patients in dire need of medical care since many hospitals focused on local needs and national health considerations.

At Sheba, compelled by our commitment to ‘Hope Without Boundaries,’ we worked around the clock to ensure that every international patient who required our unique expertise was admitted for life-saving treatment – even when Israel was under strict lockdown.

Identifying a new way to help patients, we also decided to endeavor and introduce doctors around the globe to the latest innovative treatments, especially in oncology: which we found to be a particular field of need.

To answer this need, Sheba initiated REACT 2021, an online conference envisioned as the first step towards creating a community connecting medical professionals across the globe with Sheba’s top clinicians.

During REACT 2021, doctors from around the world gathered to hear from six of our most esteemed physicians and surgeons: all specialists in their respective disciplines of oncology, who discussed the latest in cancer care.

While REACT 2021 was a great beginning, it only marks the first step, and many more Sheba Medical Center professional events are expected to follow.

For more on REACT 2021, please visit:

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