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A New Honor for Prof. Arnon Nagler, President of the Hemato-Oncology Center at Sheba

Prof. Arnon Nagler Forbes
Prof. Arnon Nagler, the highly esteemed clinician and researcher was named among the leading hematologists in Israel according to Forbes magazine

Not unaccustomed to accolades and honors, Prof. Arnon Nagler was yet again recognized for his expertise and clinical excellence: this time by Forbes magazine, which named him one of Israel’s leading hematologists.

A pioneer of non-myeloablative and reduced intensity\toxicity allogeneic transplantations for both malignant and non-malignant tumors, Prof. Nagler has published hundreds of articles, reviews, and chapters in premier peer-reviewed journals, and has served as head of Sheba’s hematological array for the past 20 years. Notwithstanding, Prof. Nagler also maintains a senior teaching position at Tel-Aviv University, and has held prominent leadership positions in international cancer organizations throughout his extensive career.

Upon learning of this latest honor, Prof. Nagler offered the following remarks: “allogeneic transplantations and cell immunotherapy are at the cutting-edge of cancer care and constitute life-saving treatments for many patients. I am truly grateful for the privilege to dedicate my professional life towards developing these therapies.”

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