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Sheba Executives

City of Health: Sheba Executives Reveal the Secrets of Their Award-winning Healthcare

Sheba Medical Center, the largest, most advanced hospital facility in the Middle East, takes pride in being recognized worldwide as a leading force in medicine.
baby hand

Sheba Treats a Palestinian Toddler with Innovative Life-saving Skin Treatment

A ravaging house fire left 18-month old Shams Ismail in critical condition, with burns on over 50% of her small body. She was rushed to the National Burn Unit at Sheba Medical Center, where top experts saved her life.
Forbes 2019 List of the Best Doctors

Sheba Tops the Forbes 2019 List of the Best Doctors in Israel

For the past six years, Forbes has compiled an annual list of the best doctors in Israel. Medical professionals from across Israel are asked to recommend physicians from other medical institutions and specializations, and once again, Sheba’s doctors compose a long list of specialists at the top.
Angelman Syndrome Foundation

Angelman Syndrome Foundation Opens New Clinic in Israel

The Angelman Syndrome Foundation (ASF) recently expanded their international reach into Israel, collaborating with The Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital at Sheba Medical Center in Israel to open a new clinic. ASF’s mission is to advance awareness and treatment of AS, and the foundation has funded numerous research grants and clinics. With the addition of the Israeli clinic and another new clinic in The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa, Canada, the ASF now has 10 global locations (eight of which are in the United States).
Sheba’s Leviev Heart Center Research Unit - A World Center of Excellence

Sheba’s Leviev Heart Center Research Unit – A World Center of Excellence for Sanofi International Pharma

Sheba Medical Center Honored as Center of Excellence by Sanofi International Pharma
Pediatric patient

When All Else Has Failed: Ivan Egorov’s Recovery from Leukemia at Sheba

Yulia Egorova came to Sheba Medical Center from Nizhegorodskaya Oblast, Russia, to seek treatment for her son, Ivan, who was diagnosed with leukemia. Read about her son Ivan's battle against cancer and road to recovery at Sheba Medical Center.

Lampros’s Fight for Life – Diagnosed with Lymphangiomatosis

A 6-year-old Cypriot boy has been fighting for his life since he was three weeks old, living in the hospital for the major part of this time. Everyone at the Edmond and Lily Safra Children's Hospital in Sheba Medical Center knows him and his story has touched people in Cyprus, Israel, and the US.
Laser Surgery for Better Urinary Tumor Removal

Sheba Uses Advanced Laser Surgery for Better Urinary Tumor Removal

An advanced type of laser surgery for the removal of tumors in the urinary system is currently in use at Sheba Medical Center. This procedure allows tumors to be excised while sparing urinary organs, such as the kidneys and ureters. This allows patients to have a faster recovery and avoid complications like dialysis.