A special summit was held at Sheba Medical Center where the staff of gynecology and maternity center discussed their current and future plans and protocols.

New ICU at Sheba Donated by Philanthropist Roman Abramovich

The underground Intensive Care Unit is custom designed to provide rapid response in times of crisis, such as pandemic outbreaks and war. When needed, its services can be expanded.

Throughout the recent coronavirus pandemic, Sheba Medical Center led the way in treating and caring for patients with COVID-19 in Israel. The hospital admitted the largest number of patients in the country and established many advanced, one-of-a-kind facilities, including a specialized psychiatric corona care unit, maternity care unit, dialysis corona unit, and respiratory rehabilitation unit for coronavirus patients. Dozens of patients have already been treated in these dedicated units.

“The new ICU will provide hospitalization on a national level in the event of an emergency. Mr. Abramovich is a long-time donor of Sheba Medical Center, and thanks to him, Israel has now increased its intensive care capabilities,” said Prof. Yitshak Kreiss, Director General of Sheba Medical Center.

The progressive Intensive Care Unit spans three floors of Sheba’s underground parking lot. With 5,400 sq. m. of subterranean space, it is well-suited for providing isolated care to a large number of patients. Additionally, Sheba is the primary evacuation hospital during national military missions, and the fortified location is ideal during times of war.