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The Burn Intensive Care Unit at Sheba – Top Treatment Center

The Burn Intensive Care Unit
The Burn Intensive Care Unit at Sheba Medical Center was established in 1973, during the Yom Kippur War. It was founded in direct response to the need for advanced medical treatments for the numerous burn victims wounded throughout the war. Nowadays, Dr. Josef Haik is the director of this state-of-the-art unit, which is recognized as the national referral unit for treating burns in Israel.

As a level one burn center, Sheba’s Burn Unit receives patients from across Israel and abroad. It is also the only burn unit in the country that provides respiratory and intensive care on its premises. There are nine beds, three of which are equipped to treat ventilated patients who require full intensive care treatment. In addition, the center serves as a referral facility for patients in other burn centers who might need hospitalization and more progressive therapy.

In line with Sheba’s commitment to integrative, holistic healthcare, the staff at the Burn Unit comprises experts from a range of specialties. Treatment is provided by plastic surgeons, nurses who are specially trained in intensive care and burn treatment, physiotherapists, clinical psychologists, and social workers. Additionally, the regular team collaborates with surgeons from the Microsurgery Unit who perform complex reconstructions, when necessary.

Medical education and research are priorities at Sheba. The burn unit specialists teach a variety of intensive care courses, helping to prepare teams for critical and emergency medicine at Sheba and other hospitals in Israel – along with providing humanitarian aid in foreign countries. Research in the areas of skin substitutes and tissue engineering is also ongoing.

The combination of the daily presence of a skilled multidisciplinary team and years of cumulative experience drives the high quality of care given to each patient. Working together, Sheba’s medical professionals prepare patients for the long rehabilitation process that they must face.

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