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Commending Sheba’s Doctors and Their Global Impact

As Israeli Doctors’ Day unfolds, we honor our dedicated medical professionals by reflecting on their exceptional efforts over the past year.

As Sheba readies itself to observe Israeli Doctors’ Day, it’s clear that our committed doctors at Sheba deserve far more than a single day. Their invaluable contributions this year have been immeasurable. The extraordinary accomplishments and honors they have achieved are remarkable, and their steadfast commitment to global healthcare has been a display of altruism that will always be held in high regard.

World-Renowned Care: Our Doctors’ Dedication

In 2023, for the fifth year running, Newsweek listed Sheba Clinic as one of the world’s top hospitals. Additionally, Sheba featured prominently in rankings specific to neurosurgery, gastroenterology, and cardiology. Prof. Yitshak Kreiss, Sheba’s Director General, praised our doctors saying, “It is a testament to our talented and innovative medical staff, which on an annual basis treat nearly two million people from all walks of life in Israel and around the world.”

It’s also important to highlight that Sheba’s physicians have garnered well-deserved recognition in Forbes magazine, securing top positions in Forbes Israel’s esteemed Best Doctors list. The list prominently features over 200 of our leading physicians.

This year, our devoted medical team has transcended boundaries to offer new beginnings and renewed hope to countless international patients. Their expertise in cutting-edge treatment plans has only been matched by their compassionate care. From initial diagnosis to treatment, recovery, and ongoing follow-up care, our doctors stand by patients throughout every step of their stay.

Advancing Global Cancer Care

The caliber of care delivered by our physicians is consistently rising, driven by their extensive dedication to research and innovation. This year, Sheba’s REACT, a global cancer care collaboration effort, has made significant strides in enhancing cancer treatment for patients globally. The third annual REACT conference saw participation from over 225 individuals hailing from various countries and diverse medical fields.

Our doctors embody more than just medical expertise; they are the true global heroes. Day or night, our dedicated physicians are always on hand to offer hope and guide patients on their path to recovery, providing health care and support in times of need and distress.

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