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City of Health – The Launch of a New Healthcare Paradigm at Sheba Medical Center in Israel

The Israeli healthcare system is in dire need of structural reforms, and a special panel at the Globes Business Conference in December was formed to deal with challenging issues. The system, which is already overstretched, must deal simultaneously with the aging population and the increasing demands of a rapidly growing population in Israel.

The Revolutionary Concept is Unveiled at the Globes Business Conference

In response, the top medical experts in Israel are generating many inventive solutions, all with the blessing of the Israeli government. Prof. Yitshak Kreiss, Director General of Sheba Medical Center, presented several revolutionary measures that Sheba is now implementing. These reforms to the healthcare system will later be expanded across Israel, and then exported worldwide.

“We are at a critical juncture,” Prof. Kreiss said. “If we don’t start dealing with this matter seriously now, we won’t have the luxury in a few years of discussing what we can do to improve things … we must change things now.”

As Prof. Kreiss explained, adding a doctor and an extra bed here or there will not make any significant difference for the future of healthcare in Israel. Therefore, Sheba is embarking upon a mission to change the healthcare ecosystem by championing innovation from within the hospital and through their new VC investment fund for start-ups.

“Our goal, with the support of the government, is to transform patient care via our City of Health concept,” said Prof. Kreiss. “This emerging ecosystem will enable us to change healthcare not only at Sheba but also around the globe.”

What is the idea behind the City of Health? The vision is to design medical centers that are comprehensive hubs for everything healthcare. By 2025, Sheba is positioned to pioneer this concept and become a go-to site for medical research, care, and innovation.

At present, Sheba is on the cusp of testing a new patient care model, which will allow patients to choose their own surgeon. Another endeavor involves establishing a healthcare VC fund to support innovations developed by young doctors. Altogether, Sheba Medical Center strives to strengthen the connection between healthcare and technology in order to deliver the most modern and advanced healthcare solutions for the 21st century.

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