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An Inspirational Model for Pediatric Psychiatric Care in Israel and Beyond

In the realm of pediatric psychiatric care, the need for a nurturing and compassionate treatment environment is more evident than ever. Acknowledging this, Sheba unveiled a groundbreaking program that bridges conventional gaps in psychiatric treatment.

In an era where mental health has earned critical attention, finding compassionate and effective treatment for pediatric psychiatric concerns has become an objective for many families worldwide. Recognizing a need, Sheba has embarked on a pioneering journey to transform pediatric psychiatric care and unveiled a groundbreaking program on October 5th, which is a testament to its commitment.

Transforming the Traditional Paradigm: Sheba’s Compassionate Approach to Pediatric Psychiatry

The conventional model, where parents are usually kept apart from their children during psychiatric treatment, has long been a source of stress and anxiety for families. This traditional approach, common in many child psychiatry wards globally, often exacerbates the emotional strain associated with mental health treatment, making the healing journey an ongoing battle for both the child and their family. 

Sheba’s innovative Child Psychiatry Center, led by Prof. Doron Gothelf, the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Unit Director, has ushered in a new era of psychiatric care by creating an environment that encourages parental involvement. This unique model allows parents to share the same room with their child for the first week of treatment, easing the transition process for children and providing a comforting presence to families during a critical period. Following this, a regular visitation schedule is established, ensuring a continuum of family involvement and support.

An International Model

The recognition of Sheba’s compassionate approach to pediatric psychiatry is growing worldwide, setting a precedent for other global health institutions. A study published in the European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Journal has highlighted the positive outcomes of this approach, which marks a significant milestone in pediatric psychiatric care. Reflecting on the impact of the initiative, Dr. Gothelf noted, “Hospitalization for psychiatric treatment can be emotionally taxing for families. Our model aims to normalize pediatric psychiatry, granting parents more access and control, much like other pediatric care domains.”  

As Sheba continues to lead by example, we are proud to advance a compassionate and effective approach to mental health treatment for children.

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