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A Sanctuary of Healing: Sheba Inaugurates New War Victim Rehabilitation Center

The center, which represents a significant milestone, was inaugurated at a special ceremony with Israeli President Isaac Herzog and First Lady Michal Herzog in attendance.

The story of Sheba Medical Center is profoundly interlinked with Israel’s. Founded in 1948 alongside the country, Sheba evolved with it and became a beacon of care and hope. The new Victims of War Rehabilitation Center underscores our steadfast commitment to holistic care, both in Israel and worldwide. 

It includes 36 beds and is equipped with cutting-edge technologies like virtual reality and robotics, offering a multidimensional approach to rehabilitation.

The essence of this initiative goes beyond medical care, encapsulating a holistic ethos addressing both physical and psychological rehabilitation. The core aspiration is to empower those impacted by war to embrace life anew with hope and dignity.

Looking to the Future

As a global leader in healthcare, Sheba is on a continuous quest to enhance medical standards. The Rehabilitation Center for Victims of War epitomizes our enduring, resonating global message of healing and hope, as expressed by Sheba’s Director General, Prof. Yitshak Kreiss, and First Lady Herzog during the inaugural ceremony.

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