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Swiss Life Sciences Company Lonza Opens New Center in Haifa

Swiss Life Sciences Company Lonza
Lonza, a Swiss biotech company, opens their new Israeli Collaborative Innovation Center (CIC) in the Life Science Park, in Haifa. This Research & Development center features 1,000 square meters of space. CIC employs staff of 15 scientific professionals. Managed by Dr. Frida Grynspan-Gotlieb, the CIC aims to take advantage of Israel’s frontline expertise in software and cell/molecular biology and engineering in order to enhance Lonza’s capabilities.

Joint Projects with Sheba Underway

The modern R&D center will focus on cell and gene therapies, expression systems and synthetic biology, and data acquisition and analytics. The Lonza team will collaborate with local academic and health industry specialists, and they have already teamed up with the Center for Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell, and Tissue Engineering at the Sheba Medical Center. In a joint project, Lonza and Sheba, a world-renowned leader in CAR-T therapy, will assess the Cocoon technology, which is a closed and automated cell-therapy manufacturing system that performs on the patient scale.

“Israel has established itself as a point of convergence for digital technologies, engineering and life sciences, providing new solutions for healthcare in particular. We want to expand this potential to reimagine the development and manufacturing of future medicines by working with academic institutions, teaching hospitals, and startups,” says Marc Funk, COO, and CIC Chairman.

To date, Lonza’s R&D team in Israel has signed several memorandums of understanding and talent scouting at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Tel Aviv University, and the Technion R&D Foundation.

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