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Sheba and Toronto General Explore Lung Transplantation Advances in a Joint Conference

Sheba and Toronto General
During the conference, held at Sheba, researchers presented innovative methods for preserving lungs outside the body, which could significantly improve the outcomes of lung transplant procedures.

Clinicians from Toronto General Hospital joined Sheba’s experts at the second scientific conference arranged by Sheba’s Lung Transplant Program to explore advanced lung preservation and sterilization techniques before transplant.

One of the most significant breakthroughs discussed was a new research demonstrating techniques to preserve lungs outside the donor’s body for up to 72 hours.  Procedures for cleaning and sterilizing lungs with ultraviolet light and using lungs from type A blood donors for recipients with type O blood were also explored.

The collaboration between Sheba and Toronto General aims to utilize the respective expertise of both organizations to advance the field of lung transplantation, and encompasses, among other joint ventures, bilateral consultations on challenging patients and an exchange of trainees.

According to Dr. Liran Levy, Medical Director of Sheba’s Lung Transplant Program, “The conference is the direct result of a cooperation that began in 2019 between Sheba and Toronto General. We will continue to work together, focusing on innovation, research, and education.” 

Sheba’s Institute of Pulmonary Medicine launched the Lung Transplant Program in December 2020, which has already resulted in over 30 lung transplants, including transplants for patients whose lungs were damaged by COVID-19. 

Looking forward, we are confident that the collaboration with Toronto General Hospital will prove to be highly beneficial to patients both within Israel and around the world.

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