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Overcoming Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma: Maria’s Story

Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma story of Marina's journey from diagnosis to treatment.
On the eve of her 50th birthday, Marina Oksana was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. She sought treatment in local clinics in her native Ukraine, which initially seemed to produce positive outcomes. However, when tests suggested that the treatment was no longer effective, Marina decided to seek treatment elsewhere.

Maria’s story started a year before her diagnosis. She began feeling tired and apathetic, but blood tests indicated nothing was wrong. When symptoms worsened, her doctor suggested taking blood tests every week to monitor changes over time. After undergoing a few tests, she was referred to an ultrasound, which revealed that she was suffering from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

The Cancer Institute in Kyiv confirmed Maria’s diagnosis. “I wasn’t depressed. I didn’t perceive it as a final verdict, but rather as a temporary condition,” Maria recalls. After receiving initial medical care in Ukraine, she decided to seek treatment abroad. “It was important for me to get one of the latest and most effective treatments for cancer,” she shares. “There is only a small number of clinics worldwide that perform the CAR T-cell therapy I needed, with Israel at the top of the list.” 

“Once I arrived at Sheba, I realized that I had come to the right place. All the documents were processed within ten days, and the whole process was swift and simple. My doctor was Prof. Nagler, and Prof. Avraham Avigdor accompanied him. I had a positive impression of them; everything was clear and calm. Like me, my coordinator, Vika, is also from Kyiv, so we quickly developed a rapport. The nurses and medical staff are just great. Very warm and friendly. Most importantly, the procedure itself went smoothly, with no complications.”

After receiving treatment, Maria returned home and remained in remission for five months, followed by a relapse. “I called Sheba again and returned for a bone marrow transplantation.” Unfortunately, Maria has been affected by COVID-19, so the procedure has been postponed. 

These days, Maria hopes to renew her treatment soon, staying optimistic and confident.

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