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Israel and UAE Medical Collaboration: Sheba Physicians Will Travel to Dubai, Treat Security Personnel and Train Medical Personnel

Sheba Physicians Will Travel to the UAE
Face-to-face diagnostic consultations will be held with an initial 350 diabetes patients in the UAE military, police, and firefighting services, all part of the Israel and UAE medical collaboration.

Following an agreement reached between the Dubai-based Al Tadawi Healthcare Group and Sheba Medical Center as part of the Israel and UAE medical collaboration, doctors from Sheba will fly to Dubai for face-to-face diagnostic consultations with an initial 350 diabetes patients in the UAE military, police, and firefighting services, then follow-up with remote monitoring.

Separately, Sheba will be sending physicians to train personnel at Medcare Women & Children Hospital in Dubai, in various fields including fetal medicine.

According to the Director of the International Division & Resource Development at Sheba Medical Center, Yoel Har-Even, Sheba “is moving quickly to establish a permanent presence in the UAE and to expand its offerings … The next steps are very, very close.”

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