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Israel and Cyprus Partner to Protect Their Populations Against COVID-19

Israel and Cyprus
Governments around the world are implementing drastic steps to slow the spread of coronavirus, and the neighboring nations of Israel and Cyprus have joined forces in this mission. Medical experts from Sheba Medical Center and Cypriot hospitals work together to save lives and design an efficient exit strategy.

Collaboration between the small countries of Israel and Cyprus has always been important, and during this time of crisis it is even more essential. As the number of cases of COVID-19 grow, the medical systems of both countries are building on the strong bonds that have been developed over many years.

The Ministry of Health of Cyprus embraced the initiative to exchange treatment methods and expertise with Israel. Sheba Medical Center, Israel’s national treatment center for COVID-19, is working together with the Famagusta General Hospital in Paralimni, the corresponding national Cypriot medical center. Additionally, Sheba doctors will exchange healthcare protocols to offer enhanced support for patients in the ICU at Nicosia Hospital.

With each day, hospitals gain invaluable experience in diagnosing and treating patients who suffer from coronavirus. As a world-renowned hospital with highly specialized knowledge, medical technologies, and pharmaceuticals, Sheba Medical Center is well positioned to be the bridge for advancing cooperative medical care between Israel and Cyprus.

Israel is a leading industry force in Science and Technology, and similar collaborations with Cyprus have been vital for research projects to find new and necessary scientific solutions. For example, a solid framework for cooperation in Technological Innovation was established between the two countries over recent years.

COVID-19 poses a variety of challenges, and many startups and long-time companies in Israel are responding with innovative vital products. In the field of Diagnostics and Triaging, technologies have been designed to provide automated information about the spread of the virus, enabling the population to be more reliably informed. Additionally, high-tech innovations have enabled healthcare professionals to be better protected for handling emergency situations and providing treatment to patients. Numerous successful developments for fighting coronavirus have been created in Israel, and the partnership with Cyprus helps to accelerate their implementation.

As people around the world must cope with unprecedented changes in daily life – such as social distancing – international solidarity and support are more important than ever. We must unite with the people around us in new ways, fostering friendship between all communities. In this vein, Israel and Cyprus are spearheading wider global cooperation against the threat of COVID-19 .

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