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How Does Ocular Melanoma Immunotherapy in Israel Save Lives and Vision?

Saving Lives and Vision with Immunotherapy

Ocular cancer isn’t common, but when it strikes it can be life-threatening. Treating these tumors is complicated, depending on highly progressive surgical techniques, diverse advanced therapies and top-notch medical skills. That’s why ocular melanoma treatment in Israel takes a multidisciplinary approach, and a range of specialists join together to customize the most effective program for each patient. Oncologists, radiologists, hemato-oncologists and pathologists work together to save your vision and life.

ocular melanoma immunotherapy

WHAT is Ocular Melanoma Immunotherapy?

TIL immunotherapy for ocular melanoma is a cutting-edge procedure that involves drastically increasing the number of elite cancer-killing lymphocytes in your body that target and attack malignant cells.

WHEN is TIL immunotherapy given as ocular melanoma treatment in Israel?

Ocular melanoma – cancer that occurs in melanin-producing cells – begins most typically in the middle layer of the eye, the uvea, which is why it is often called uveal melanoma. It is a malignant and aggressive tumor that can remain silent until it has spread to other parts of the body. At that point, it is referred to as metastatic melanoma. In general, TIL immunotherapy is used to treat metastatic melanoma.

WHY is ocular melanoma immunotherapy in Israel a top global choice?

Malignant eye tumors are rare, and it’s vital to choose a hospital that is equipped with the technologies, professional experience and expertise to provide optimal care. The Ocular Oncology Center of the Goldschleger Eye Institute at Sheba Medical Center in Israel is the largest of its kind in the country, performing more than 3,800 ocular procedures every year. Sheba offers modern specialized medical techniques, including ocular melanoma TIL immunotherapy.

Our Staff

Dr. Ido (Didi) Fabian

a world-renowned leader in innovative treatments for ocular tumors, runs the ocular oncology laboratory at the Goldschleger Eye Institute at Sheba. In addition to his groundbreaking work in Israel, Dr. Fabian’s professional achievements are broad-ranging and span the globe.

Among other roles, Dr. Fabian is the initiator and principal investigator of the Global Retinoblastoma 2017 study, a member of Sight for All (an Australian nonprofit that provides ocular oncology training in Southeast Asia), a member of the Retinoblastoma Network who trains local doctors from Sub-Saharn East Africa, an assistant professor at the International Center for Eye Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and a volunteer for Physicians for Human Rights, providing ophthalmic care in Palestinian villages.

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HOW does ocular melanoma treatment in Israel focus on quality of life?

At Sheba, immunotherapy for ocular melanoma as well as other the most advanced and personalized methods are used to preserve vision, save lives, and maximize quality of life. A holistic approach to medicine is practiced; treatment focuses on the whole person – and not just on the eye disease. Supportive services, rehabilitation and psychological care are just a few of the compassionate, patient-centric features Sheba is proud to offer on-site.

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