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Hemato-Oncology Department at Sheba Medical Center – Anna’s Unique Story

B-Cell Lymphoma in 30th Week of Pregnancy
Anna was diagnosed with large B-cell lymphoma in the fall of 2016. Her diagnosis was complicated as she was in her 30th week of pregnancy. The doctors weren’t impressed with her test results long before the final diagnosis, and when the diagnosis was made it came as a great shock to Anna.

The doctors weren’t impressed with her test results long before the final diagnosis, and when the diagnosis was made it came as a great shock to Anna.

Anna was very lucky that at this difficult moment her beloved husband and a good doctor stood together with her. Her doctor not only supported her but also made sure that the couple didn’t panic. She explained to Anna and her husband exactly what the diagnosis meant, since neither of them truly understood the disease they are facing. The support of her husband and doctor made it easier for Anna to cope with this terrible situation and it became clear what she had to do the next.

Anna started treatment in Russia and completed one session of chemotherapy. At this stage, her husband decided to go on leave in order to take care of her. He then learned that his boss’ relatives were treated in Israel, at Sheba Medical Center. Upon his recommendation, the couple decided to continue treatment in Israel.

After realizing the kind of treatment she had to undergo, Anna was worried about the child, but the doctors explained to her that the therapy would not affect the baby’s health at this late stage of pregnancy.

Anna completed one more chemo session upon her arrival at Sheba. Then, on the 37th week, Anna gave birth to a baby girl. Two more chemotherapy sessions were performed after delivery. Unfortunately, the PET-CT scan results showed that a different treatment approach was needed. Anna was prescribed two courses of extremely strong chemotherapy, after which she also underwent a bone marrow transplantation.

Now Anna feels well. She exercises twice a week, and undergoes a follow-up examination every six months. The baby girl is also healthy and has already started talking.

During her treatment at Sheba, Anna got in touch with different specialists and nurses and completed her treatment with Dr. Yulia Volchek. Anna mentions that the doctors at Sheba are not only very professional, but that they are also cordial, compassionate and caring. The entire staff was very attentive to her, trying to speak Russian or English.

Comparing her local hospital and Sheba Medical Center, Anna said: “Different hospitals have different atmospheres. At home, I was constantly stressed and the staff was unfriendly. Here at Sheba, my whole treatment process was provided by positive, smiling nurses and doctors who helped me overcome the stressful situation. This made my treatment that much easier.”

Coordinator Victoria at Sheba Medical Center in Israel helped Ana who was  diagnosed withB-Cell Lymphoma in the 30th Week of Pregnancy

Anna is especially grateful to her medical coordinator Victoria, who spent a lot of time with her and provided support through every step of her treatment. Victoria explained in detail all the upcoming procedures and tests. Anna is sure that without Victoria it would have been much harder for her to go through all these difficulties.

“I am ready to recommend Sheba to everyone who needs hemato-oncology treatment,” says Anna. “Treatment at Sheba Medical Center is faster, easier and more professional than in Russia. The doctors, facilities, equipment, and the situation itself are much more favorable for achieving better treatment outcomes.”

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