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Best Hospitals in Israel

5 Motivating Reasons to Use the Israel Medical System

The Israel medical system is recognized widely as a leader in the region – and a worldwide winner for providing high-tech and compassionate care. Popular organizations, such as the AARP, recommend Israel as an outstanding location for medical tourists. What are the secrets to success behind the best hospitals in Israel?

Best Hospitals in Israel

Why Come to Sheba Medical Center?

Highly Experienced Doctors

Israel is home to many prestigious experts in a broad range of medical specialties. The physicians who comprise the Israel medical system have trained and completed fellowships at leading facilities, both in Israel and abroad.

Innovative Treatments

The hospitals in Israel have a forward focus, advancing constantly with cutting-edge research and breakthrough technologies. Patients benefit from safe, effective, and modern procedures that are not offered elsewhere in the world.

Affordable Healthcare

According to international standards, the costs of healthcare in the Israel medical system are significantly less than in other countries. While the prices are affordable, the quality of medical care is never compromised.

All-inclusive Facilities

The best hospitals in Israel feature numerous departments and sub-departments, with cutting-edge clinics and research laboratories. This enables integrative care provided within one location, offering ultimate convenience for the patient.

Total Range of Specialties

  • Cardiology: advanced heart care and heart surgery, including interventional cardiac procedures
  • Cancer and oncological treatments: treatments for every type of cancer, both in children and adults
  • TIL and melanoma: the foremost TIL and melanoma specialists
  • Fertility and IVF treatments: fertility medicine in Israel is highly advanced
  • Orthopedic surgery: expertly performed hip and knee replacements

Professional Experience:

Sheba is the largest government hospital in Israel, serving more than 100,000 patients per year. There are 159 medical departments and clinics, 1,700 patient beds, 33 laboratories, and more than 4 million medical tests are offered.

World-renowned Doctors

In 2017, Forbes titled Sheba Medical Center as home to Israel’s best physicians and surgeons.

On the Cutting-edge:

Progressive treatments are available, such as the latest cancer therapies – including targeted chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and modern surgical techniques.a

Attentive Care:

In order to ensure that every patient receives personalized attention, Sheba features a staff of over 8,000 healthcare professionals, including more than 1,200 skilled doctors.

No Hidden Costs:

As a government institution, Sheba Medical Center features full price transparency, with no hidden expenses or surprises.

Patient-centric Comfort:

Traveling overseas for medical care can be overwhelming, and Sheba’s International Medical Tourism Division strives to ensure optimal comfort and efficiency. A personal coordinator and translator is assigned to assist every patient throughout their stay at Sheba.

Holistic Healthcare:

Treatment at Sheba Medical Center is based on a holistic, whole-body approach that considers each individual’s physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual needs.

Hepatitis B treatment in Israel

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