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The National Multiple Sclerosis Center in Israel

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a progressive, immune-neurologic disorder that can be debilitating. At The National Multiple Sclerosis Center in Israel at Sheba Medical Center, we offer the latest treatment for MS. Our center is actively engaged in breakthrough research to prevent and treat this chronic condition, enabling us to offer cutting-edge therapies to improve your quality of living.

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Multiple Sclerosis Center in Israel

The goal of our treatments is to help patients maximize their independence and functional living. Our patient-centric approach to treating MS encompasses a number of medical disciplines:

  • Immunology
  • Neurology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Physiotherapy
  • Counseling
  • Orthopedics

Why Visit Sheba for MS Treatment?

Extensive Experience

we have been treating MS for over 20 years, and 50% of all MS patients in Israel come to Sheba Medical Center; about 14,000 patients are seen yearly

Multi disciplinary

our clinical approach integrates patient care and rehabilitation

Leading-edge Medicine

our doctors are involved in complex genetic research and the development of Innovative Technologies for MS treatment and evaluation

Global Excellence

the worldwide medical community recognized us as a Center of Excellence (COE)

Complete, Customized Care

a dedicated coordinator from Global patient services assists every patient throughout their time at Sheba, from organizing travel and accommodations to communicating with doctors

Sheba Medical Center Transforming Healthcare and Biomedical Innovation

Standing at the forefront of clinical research, innovation, and patient care, Sheba Medical Center, the largest hospital in the Middle East, continues to set the standard for international excellence. For the fifth consecutive year, Newsweek ranked Sheba as one of the world’s best hospitals, as well as listing the medical center as one of the best smart hospitals and a leader in gastroenterology, neurology, and cardiology. Committed to advancing patient care and transforming healthcare worldwide, Sheba continually pushes boundaries in research and clinical care.

Frontline MS Treatments & Technology

MRI Analysis Unit:

this ultra-precise device measures MS lesions to provide reliable data to help gauge the patient’s responses to therapy

T-cell Vaccination Trials:

these ongoing MS clinical trials study the treatment potential of the antibody natalizumab and the effects of specific compounds on symptoms of fatigue

The National Multiple Sclerosis Center in Israel

Our Team Of Doctors

Prof. Anat Achiron

The Acting Director of The National Multiple Sclerosis Center. She has published over a dozen peer-reviewed papers on MS.

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Dr. David Magalashvili

As the Senior Neurologist and Deputy-Head of The National Multiple Sclerosis Center, he focuses on the treatment and research of MS and is an active participant in scientific meetings and congresses.

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Dr. Mark Dolev

As the Senior Physician at the Multiple Sclerosis Center and Head of the Neurological Rehabilitation Unit, he is a leading specialist in the treatment of MS and has over 20 years of professional experience. Dr. Dolev is devoted to providing personalized, advanced medicine.

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All-in-One Holistic Care

Our treatment is wholly integrative, with all diagnostic and treatment centers combined in a single, high-tech facility. First-rate specialists from numerous departments join together to design individualized, compassionate care. We believe a holistic approach is the best way to enhance each patient’s overall physical and mental health.

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